Discover Your Sassy and Comfy Style

When it comes to style, I tend to choose comfortable looks! As a mom, I live in leggings and pajamas! When I do go out, for appointments, shopping, or volunteer in my son’s classroom, I try to wear regular clothing! Being stuck at home, our kids learning from home, life can be pretty stressful. Let’s take the time to discover your sassy and comfy style! 

Discover Your Sassy and Comfy Style
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Whether you like to dress up or stay comfortable, or looking to sass up your look, we share our favorite products! 

Get Sassy

I love wearing unique pieces of jewelry, especially meaningful ones. When I saw the Dune Jewelry Cocktail Ring-Gradient, I knew I had to have it. I chose to have sand from Cannon Beach, OR, USA. Can you guess why?

Dune Jewelry Cocktail Ring-Gradient

One of my favorite movies is The Goonies, so naturally, I had to choose Cannon Beach sand! I love the  Cocktail Ring-Gradient since it is unique to me! I can keep sand from where the movie was filmed close to me! 

The ring fits a few of my fingers, so I can wear it on either hand. I chose this ring because it’s made of sterling silver, beautiful, and I can wear it for any occasion. Dune Jewelry & Co. products are made in the USA, offer a lifetime warranty, and happiness guarantee! You can feel confident when ordering from them! 

Before this ring arrived, I even took the time to re-watch The Goonies! I love wearing the ring at home now! I wear it as often as I can! 

Fancy FLEKK eye palette

Another way to add a little sassy to your look is trying a new eye palette! The FLEKK eye palettes offer an easy tutorial. They have corresponding brushes to each of their colors in the palette! It is literally paint-by-numbers when using their palettes.

These palettes are perfect for any age and skill level! Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned, the FLEKK eye palettes are a great way to get started!

Fancy FLEKK Eye Shadow Palette And 4-Piece Brush Set

After taking their quiz, they recommended the Fancy FLEKK Eye Shadow Palette And 4-Piece Brush Set

I’ve been using the Fancy FLEKK Eye Shadow Palette And 4-Piece Brush Set every day since I received it. I love how easy it is to follow the numbers with the brushes. The colors are a bit light for my skintone. I do plan on using the foiling method for a bolder look! Hopefully that will look a bit better. 

Get Comfy 

I was lucky enough to try clothing from skinnytees before, so I am honored they were generous enough to send me more! 

skinnytees offer a variety of clothing that are cute, flirty, and stylish! The top that I received in the past didn’t work for me, it started to roll up and even parts of the tee started to pill. From now on, I am washing my skinnytees clothing on the gentle cycle and hang to dry! 

Long Cardigan in Black

I love cardigans! When I saw the Long Cardigan in Black, I knew I had to have it! I love the length! It’s flowy and very easy to wear with almost anything! 

Even though I work from home, I do have meetings and appointments over zoom. It’s nice to dress up whenever I can, so the Long Cardigan in Black looks professional, yet casual and comfortable. 

Tweed Bucket Bag

I love handbags and tote bags. I tend to carry both when I am out running errands! The Tweed Bucket Bag is a generous size bag! I can even use it as one bag, so I don’t have to carry my purse and tote bag

I usually don’t carry a bag like the Tweed Bucket Bag, but I love the overall look of it! 

I usually carried a tote bag with me when I needed to carry more than my purse could hold, or I needed a bigger bag to carry paperwork. The Tweed Bucket Bag can easily carry everything! 

Open Front Vest in Charcoal

When I saw the Open Front Vest in Charcoal, I knew it would look cute when I wear dresses, leggings, or skinny jeans! The Open Front Vest in Charcoal is perfect for any weather! 

Like the Long Cardigan, the Open Front Vest in Charcoal is casual and stylish! I can easily wear this for my meetings and appointments over zoom too! 

Dressing up or going casual and relaxed, the cardigans are the perfect addition to your look!

Keep germs away

I have always been a germaphobe! I have always carried hand sanitizer with us when my son and I went anywhere. He is really good about using hand sanitizer and washing his hands when I remind him. 

Kavalli Key

When I saw the Kavalli Key, I knew I wanted one! Not only are they stylish and chic, but I love the vintage look of carrying a key! 

I chose two of them, I wanted one to keep attached to my handbag and one to keep in my little bag that I use for quick trips to the grocery store. 

Kavalli Key box contents

The Kavalli Key arrives in a beautiful gift box and includes a soft drawstring pouch, alcohol wipes, rubber toppers so you can use them on touch screens, and a keychain so you can keep it on your handbag!

You can use the key to open doors, even bathroom stalls, purse or handbag holder, and more! Keep those germs away! 

The Kavalli Key makes the perfect gift! Use coupon code beautybrite at checkout.

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