Discover Items That Will Help You Have A Healthier Summer

Are you looking for products that will help you be healthier?

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Healthier Summer…what is that? Just today I was in CVS looking at their health products and dreaming of wearing my bathing suit. Yeah, I know I probably should have been looking earlier this year but oh well. So you might be in the same boat- wanting to be healthier but don’t know what to get. No worries- we got you!

I want to introduce you to some products that will help with having a healthier summer.

First up is WATER! You need water and all day.  Staying hydrated is very important during the summer.  Have you ever tasted Nature Enhanced Vitamin Water? I hadn’t either until I started drinking Chlorophyll Water. Chlorophyll is a key ingredient and the vital green pigment in plant life. There are many benefits to drinking Chlorophyll plus it also has Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and Vitamin D for enhanced hydration.

Go ahead I know you want to look up what is Chlorophyll- Go here to read more and why it’s amazing in the water. 

Oh, you want a little bit more information- how about this:

  • Case of 12 x 20 fluid ounces each
  • $3.33 cost per 20 fluid oz. bottle
  • 100% Recyclable and BPA Free Non-Toxic Bottles
  • Shelf Stable (No Refrigeration Required)
  • 0 Calories
  • 0 Sugar / Sugar-Free
  • Box packaging made from recycled paper. â™»ï¸
  • Each case sold comes with its own recycling bag, please remember to recycle! 
  • Member of National Waste & Recycling Association, National Recycling Coalition, New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse & Recycling
  • Every case sold plants a tree in New York via One Tree Planted 501(c).

Next product I want to introduce is a protein shake – Grass-Fed Bone Broth Collagenâ„¢ + Turmeric.  

I love protein shakes and I drink one at least once a day.  However, some shakes don’t fill you up or just don’t taste right…you know that gross chalky flavor with the nasty aftertaste.  PaleoPro is a protein shake that will fill you up because it is packed with protein. I actually like this drink as a HOT CHOCOLATE with coconut milk. Yum! But don’t get me wrong it also tastes great cold and shaken. 

Discover Items That Will Help You Have A Healthier Summer!

PaleoPro was designed by ‘paleo nuts’ who wanted a pure paleo drink, not drinks that claimed to be paleo so they created their own. They were able to create products that are tailored to the ‘paleo’ lifestyle and use only the highest quality ingredients available.

And PLEASE don’t let the “pastured grass-fed beef†scare you off- I winced a bit too but remember protein is essential for a healthier you! It doesn’t taste meaty, which yes I thought it would. So take a leap this summer and make you some PaleoPro Grass-Fed Bone Broth Collagen™ + Turmeric protein shakes or please try as hot chocolate too. 

Are you a coffee addict? PaleoPro also offers a Paleo Power Coffee to boost your morning!

Dessert PLEASE!

I have kept the last item for the icing on the CAKE but it really is a MACARON!  Yes, macarons can be on the healthier side. Les Macarons Duverger makes delicious macarons that are made only from natural fruit and vegetable extracts. WHAT!  There are no preservatives, artificial flavorings or chemical colors. 

Guess what…they taste so yummy.  I don’t have a favorite flavor but I would have eaten the whole box myself if it was filled with only the Cookies and Cream macarons. So darn good and I really felt special eating these with my friends.  They felt spoiled too. 

I explained to my friends that I was on a journey for a healthier summer and they agreed that the above products will help. I do hope you check out the items listed and get on the track for a healthier lifestyle.

Please let us know what products you find interesting and would love to TRY! Comment below – we want to know!


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