Discover A Stronger And Happier You

Being stuck at home, limited by how we live can be overwhelming and stressful. I happened to purchase a small exercise machine a few weeks before everything shut down. I also added a rowing machine as well! I am doing my best not to let myself feel down for too long. In between watching my favorite shows or even throughout the day, I like to do reps! Since I am stuck inside most of the day due to my son’s distance learning and therapy, I make it all work and do my exercises whenever I can! It’s your time to discover a stronger and happier you! 

Discover A Stronger And Happier You
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So, how can you discover a stronger and happier you? Start with fitness! Whether you are a beginner or wanting to kick it up, get started with resistance!

Add Resistance

When I saw the ez mini band products, I knew I had to try the EZ Band Bundle! One of the exercise machines I have allows me to work the booty, legs, arms, and more. It’s pretty much a full body system! I love it. However, you can also add resistance by using resistance loop bands! I have latex loop bands, but they are hard to remove, hard to put on, and even harder to use while on the machine! 

ez mini band

With the EZ Band Bundle, I can choose the level of resistance and I can use the clip to put on or remove in just seconds! The ez mini bands are comfortable, non slip anti-roll-up fabric! I’ve always wanted fabric resistance bands! 

ez mini band clip

I also use the EZ Band Bundle while watching television. It’s only been a few days and I already feel stronger. I definitely feel the difference too, my booty and legs are sore!

Adding resistance loop bands, especially ez mini bands, are the best option!

Stay Dry and Smell Great 

I’ve tried a few brands of natural deodorant. It seems each time, they are easy to use and smell great, but they don’t keep me dry! It’s so embarrassing when I am headed out and when I sweat it shows! 

After reading another review of Humble deodorants, I was curious! I chose to receive Sweet Orange & Cinnamon, Black Spruce, Palo Santo & Frankincense, and Geranium & Vetiver. I wanted two different deodorants for my son and I to use! 

Sweet Orange & Cinnamon and Geranium & Vetiver

I chose Sweet Orange & Cinnamon because it is a seasonal scent and to really experience the holiday cheer! Geranium & Vetiver is a gentle floral scent that I find sweet and feminine. 

Black Spruce and Palo Santo & Frankincense

I chose Black Spruce and Palo Santo & Frankincense for my son! I thought both scents would be fresh smelling and help with his natural teen scent! 

Of course, all scents are unisex! The scents appeal to me and I enjoy them! 

Just remember, when you use Humble deodorants, you only need to apply once and use very sparingly! You only need 3 swipes! 

Style Your Hair

I really don’t do anything with my hair. So, when I do use a flat iron to add bounce, I feel so much better! I already have straight hair, so I use a flat iron to add body with curls! 

Vibrastrait PRO 1” Vibrating Flat Iron

I found the Vibrastrait PRO 1” Vibrating Flat Iron to be so much fun to use! Not only does it heat up fast, but it is so easy to use! I can curl my hair in just a few minutes! 

Add Accessories 

I love beautiful jewelry and sunglasses. Whenever the sun is out, we wear sunglasses! My son and I have a few pairs of sunglasses that we like to wear! 

Dainty Script Name Necklace

When I saw the Dainty Script Name Necklace, I knew I wanted one. After watching Big Brother this past summer and seeing one of my favorite players have her own necklace, I wanted one too! 

The necklace is dainty, stylish, and you can easily wear it with any outfit!  

Zambia and Honduras sunglasses

I chose the Zambia and Honduras sunglasses for my son and myself! The Zambia are perfect for my son, simple, stylish, and they fit perfectly! I love the Honduras frames but they are a bit snug! I will still wear them as they are lightweight and so chic! 

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