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Curioso Cuff

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Valentine’s day has passed! Man do I love that day  A woman that can be bold, can shine when the darkness is around. We’re pretty much all Superwoman! Having someone to love around the Valentine’s Day holiday is wonderful. Whether you’re in a relationship or are a single, you deserve to have happiness and to cuff yourself to beauty.

Curioso cuff

The curious cuff jewelry is something so interesting and is one of a kind. The opal cuff is great for everyday wear that can give you a talking piece in front of the ladies. Then when night falls you can have some fun at home or enjoy the night life. The center opal cuff can be pressed to create a magical light that has three different settings.

The first light creation that is created is a purple glow that makes the bracelet shine. The second setting is a slow transition from purple to light purple then finally to green. The third and finally light setting is a rapid twirl of dark purple, light purple and then the green.

The wrap around cuff is a light metal that is not heavy on the wrist so you are not weighed down by the jewelry. The bright shine that is on the sides make the opal light show shine more than if it was a dark color.

Glowing Beauty Curioso Cuff

I love that the Curioso Cuff is a piece that is so much fun to wear. I love wearing it as an everyday piece and when the night comes, it adds a little light to my night. I would have loved it more if it had three totally different colors. Maybe blue, purple and the green or just anything besides the two different tones of the purple tone. The opal has no on and off button. So say I “turn off” the cuff on put it in my bag, if the button gets tapped by accident in my bag; take a guess on what happens. Yes, you got it the cuff turns right back on and I don’t even know it is on unless I look in my bag. This has happened so many times now that I have noticed that the cuff is not as bright as before.

Cuff yourself to beauty Curioso Cuff

I think that if they also many a cuff that has Yellow, Pink and Red for the lights that it would be so pretty! It would be so much fun to have different colors when going out but I still love it regardless.

To snag you a Curioso Cuff, head over to their website CURIOSO and connect with them on TWITTER.



  1. stacy says

    how neat!!!

  2. How cute! Perfect if you’re out at the clubs or the beach at night. You’ll never get unnoticed!

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