Cool Items You Didn’t Know You Need

As a mom, I feel like I want to be prepared. Whenever I have to run errands and plan on being away from home for a few hours, I like to carry a few essentials, including a phone charger or a portable phone charger in a tote bag. If my son is with me, I like to carry snacks and even a bottle of water. We gathered a few cool items you didn’t know you need! These items are perfect for any home! 

Cool Items You Didn't Know You Need
Beauty Brite Disclosure

Life can be unpredictable and unexpected. If you want to be prepared or just looking to make your life a little easier, we are so excited to share what we found! 

First up, the weather can certainly be unpredictable! It’s nice to be prepared and have umbrellas available. 

Stay dry in style

Black Tie Anniversary Totes Umbrella

Earlier this year, I found myself without an umbrella. I ended up buying two different types of umbrellas for my son and I to use. We wait outside for the school bus every morning and afternoon, so when needed, I wanted to have umbrellas on hand! They both have been reliable for us. 

With the holiday season coming up, a must-have accessory for everyone is a stylish umbrella! In 2020, totes® celebrates their 50th anniversary of their first compact umbrella introduced to North America! To celebrate, totes® released a limited-edition collection of elegant umbrellas! 

I was sent the Black Tie Anniversary compact umbrella. I am so excited and prepared for rain with my sleek umbrella! 

Blue Light Blocking

PROSPEK Blue Light Blocking Glasses in Cateyes and Artist with boxes

Years ago, I got LASIK eye surgery just so I wouldn’t have to wear glasses. I disliked having to wear glasses just to see far away. Fast forward to the present, I love my new blue light blocking glasses from Spektrum Glasses.

Honestly, I never thought about blue light blocking glasses until a fellow blogger mentioned she was going to try them. After that, I decided to look further into them. 

I know I’ve been having trouble staying asleep. I’d go to bed fairly early since we do get up early in the morning. I would find myself waking up between midnight and 3am! It usually took me a few hours to fall back asleep or I’d fall asleep about an hour before my alarm went off. It was so stressful. I thought my sleeplessness was due to the stress of everything I am dealing with. However, since I started wearing my blue light blocking glasses, I’ve noticed it is easier for me to fall back asleep when I wake up in the middle of the night. I have also noticed less eye strain! If anything, I’ve noticed a difference and I hope to see many more improvements. 

PROSPEK Blue Light Blocking Glasses in Cateyes and Artist

I chose the PROSPEK Artist and PROSPEK Cateyes and just adore both of them. I wanted two pairs, one to keep at my workspace to use during the day and another to keep on my nightstand to use at night. 


The PROSPEK Artist frames sit on my nightstand. I like to wear them as I watch television and use my phone. While they are not my favorite pair, I still love how lightweight and stylish they are. I love the tortoise shell pattern


The PROSPEK Cateyes sit at my workspace and I use them throughout the day as I do my blogging and use my phone. I also watch my shows on my laptop, so these come in handy! The PROSPEK Cateyes are my favorite frames. I just love how chic and cute they are. The pop of color on the inside is fun too! 

Enhance your workspace

Lumicharge V2.0 in Silver/Gray

Add a minimalist look with the Lumicharge V2.0 lamp! Not only can you enhance your workspace but you can stay on track with just one lamp! 

How can one lamp keep you motivated? 

Let’s look at the features of the Lumicharge V2.0 lamp: built in date and time (it also automatically updates with Daylight Savings time, shows the temperature inside. The LED light is adjustable and makes the perfect desk lamp, general area room lamp, or bedroom lamp. 

Lumicharge V2.0 in Silver/Gray upclose

Not only can I charge my phone (there are 3 ways to charge your phone) with the built in 10W Qi fast wireless charger, you can also charge a second phone on the universal phone dock with pre built connectors on the wheel (just turn the wheel to select the connector for your phone). Lastly, you can plug in your USB cable on the back of the Lumicharge V2.0 lamp base and charge. 

Instant Pot cookbook

The Instant Pot Diabetes Cookbook recipes

Simplify your healthy cooking with an Instant Pot cookbook! If you have an Instant Pot, you know how fun and easy it is to use! You also know the recipes are endless! What I love about my Instant Pot is that I can hard/soft boiled eggs, cook pasta, desserts, salmon, vegetables, and more in just minutes! 

Inside The Instant Pot Diabetes Cookbook

Introducing a brand new cookbook for those with diabetes or those looking for healthy recipes: The Instant Pot Diabetes Cookbook: Simple Recipes for Healthy Home Cooking. I don’t have Diabetes but I was looking for an Instant Pot cookbook to start with. I love that there are a few vegetarian dishes I can make.

My only issue with The Instant Pot Diabetes Cookbook: Simple Recipes for Healthy Home Cooking cookbook is that I wish there were pictures of the finished dish! It would be nice to see what the dish looks like before making it.

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