Cool, Cute, And Entertaining Gifts For Kids

Last year, I went to my son’s family picnic event that was hosted by the special education classes, held at the end of the year. It was so nice to talk to his teachers and assistants that help out in his classroom. After that, I told myself I would make more of an effort to get involved with his class. I am going to chaperone as many of his field trips as I can. I haven’t decided if I’m going to volunteer in his classroom, I’m not sure what how he’d feel about seeing me at school! I also want to help in any of their community activities that his class participates in. This year, we gathered a few cool, cute, and entertaining gifts for kids! 

Cool, Cute, And Entertaining Gifts For Kids
Beauty Brite Disclosure

I don’t keep toys in the house just because my son will destroy them or they will be lost, discarded, or worse. Instead, any toys, books, and such that I receive, I’ve been saving to donate to his classroom. For instance,I was sent two different children’s books which I plan on donating to his classroom!  I also have a handful of beauty products that are brand new that I’m going to give to his teachers. I prefer to share anything extra that I receive!  

The Cool Gift

USA Map For Kids - Seuss Edition

When I saw the USA Map For Kids from GeoJango Maps, I knew my son’s class would appreciate it. I also thought about keeping it for ourselves and hanging it in his room! However, I think his classroom would make better use of it!  

USA Map For Kids - Seuss Edition upclose

I chose the USA Map For Kids – Seuss Edition! I love that it comes framed and ready to hang for you! I was able to hang it up in my son’s room until I could deliver it to his classroom. I love the Seuss font, as it is very kid-friendly! 

I think the USA Map For Kids makes a cool gift for any age! As you can see, it makes a beautiful piece of art in an office, bedroom, or classroom! 

The Cute Gift

Inside the Slime Kit

Slime is so hot right now. Kids are making it at home. My son and I have yet to make our own slime. I don’t think I could have it around our home (too messy)!

DIY Slime Kit for Girls and Boys

When I saw the DIY Slime Kit for Girls and Boys, I knew my son’s classroom could use it! I could see them using it as a fun project for the kids to play and use their hands, work their motor skills, etc. 

The DIY Slime Kit for Girls and Boys includes 54 pieces, including Unicorn Glitter, Foam Beads, and more! I figured his class is a special education classroom, so if any of the students are having a tough moment, they can take a break and play with slime! 

The Entertaining Gift

Slow Jam the Sloth and Scales the Dragon

Over a year ago, we shared why you should add My Audio Pets to your must have accessory list, and after that, I knew I wanted some of my own! It was really difficult to choose which My Audio Pets I wanted, they are all so cute! Ultimately, I chose the Slow Jam the Sloth and Scales the Dragon

Scales the Dragon

I tried using them on my walks but I prefer using my crystal bluetooth earbuds to listen to my music. Instead, I use My Audio Pets around the house. I like to listen to music when I’m doing chores and such around the house. I can easily carry my little pet with me. 

Slow Jam the Sloth

Another option is that I can tie them to my handbag, tote bag, and purse as they look cute as a little accessory! 

I love giving gifts to teachers. Even when I was in school, I loved givings gifts to my teachers. I remember giving a huge framed Disney poster to one of my teachers because I knew she liked that particular Disney movie!  For me to give gifts and donations to my son’s classroom and teacher, makes me feel good. A few years ago, I gave his teacher (who was very pregnant) a ton of new mom/baby gifts! 

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