Cooking Made Easy With Non-Stick Cookware

Cooking Made Easy With Non-Stick Cookware from Copper Chef

Cooking Made Easy With Non-Stick Cookware

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I’ve been a long time admirer of the Copper Chef brand. I used to watch QVC and loved watching the Copper Chef presentations throughout the day! Each time, I wanted to buy the products because I was learning so much about what I could make with the cookware!

While I am not the best at cooking, I am always looking for products that make life easier and less time to cook, I am all for it.  I was lucky enough to receive an air fryer and it allows me to make foods that my son loves in a quick amount of time!

I am so excited to share with you how non-stick cookware from Copper Chef will ease your time in the kitchen and spend more time with family!

Deep Casserole Pan and Shallow Pan stacked

Just a few quick facts about The Wonder Cooker:

The Wonder Cooker is free of both PTFE & PFOA.

The Wonder Cooker is a 14-in-1 multi-use cooker. It replaces your deep or shallow roasting pan, crockpot, double roaster, bakeware pan, casserole pan, deep fryer, steamer, crisper, slow cooker, electric skillet, electric grill, chafing serving dish, and even your grill pan.

What’s included:

The Wonder Cooker comes with a Deep Casserole Pan and a Shallow Pan, a Recipe Book with over 25 recipes created for the Wonder Cooker by Eric Theiss, a Cook & Look Glass Lid with built-in Oil Infuser, Two Stainless Steel Deep Fry Baskets, and a Mesh Crisping Basket.

Deep Casserole Pan

The Deep Casserole Pan and the Shallow Pan fit perfect on top of each other. I love that the set comes with two pans!

As a vegetarian, I can easily make fun veggie casseroles in either pan! I can also grill veggies, veggie patties, grilled cheese sandwiches in the Shallow Pan!

Shallow Pan

The recipe book is full of fun recipes to try!  Since I love casseroles, that will be my main dish!  I will have to do my own research on finding veggie friendly recipes! The glass lid is perfect to use to store leftovers!

The Copper Chef Wonder Cooker can also be used as bakeware. I would love to make some delicious desserts!

Two Stainless Steel Deep Fry Baskets

I love the fry baskets. The Copper Chef Wonder Cooker turns into a professional pasta pot. I can use them to cook pasta in the Deep Casserole Pan and have a built-in strainer. I already have a few recipes I want to try. Since my family enjoys the tuna casserole dish, I will be making that more often.

In turn, I have the option to use either the Deep Casserole Pan or the Shallow Pan to cook the casserole in!

As you can see, the non-stick cookware from Copper Chef makes cooking meals so much easier

Mesh Crisping Basket

My son loves french fries. I am excited to use the Mesh Crisping Basket to make crispy french fries for him. I also love other finger foods, so the basket will come in handy making crispy snacks! The basket allows even heat distribution to thoroughly cook the foods evenly!

Now that my son is back in school, it’s time to start making meals at home for him to enjoy. He is super picky about the foods he eats. I’ve been spoiling him with only buying the foods he eats and he needs to try other foods! There will be some major changes for us in the coming months and that has me stressed out.

I am so thrilled Copper Chef Wonder Cooker makes cooking so much easier! No more worrying about food sticking to the pans! The products are non-stick. I can’t wait to make more salmon dishes in the bakeware pans. My son loves salmon and always having to line the pans with aluminum foil so they don’t stick is such a chore.

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Tell us what you would make in the non-stick cookware from Copper Chef!

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