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As a new/returned California resident, I am working on building my summer fashion pieces. This is my first summer California in decades and my son’s first summer ever in California. I love to dress fairly chic, so I am open to new types of styles and looks!

I found several amazing pieces to share with you. The sun is out in full force here in Northern California, so I am building my closet for warmer weather!

Are you ready for chic and zen fashion choices?

My husband and I are huge fans of the Life Is Good brand. We have a few tees and t-shirts from the brand that we love to wear. The shirts are true to size, soft and lightweight! The Wander Turtle Crusher Vee is so adorable. The tee says “Not all who wander are lost†and features a sea turtle swimming so free!

Wander Turtle Crusher Vee

Not only does the Wander Turtle Crusher Vee remind me of one of my son’s favorite Disney movies, but it also reminds me of our trip to SeaWorld Orlando where we had the chance to see many animals up close, including sea turtles. I also have a beautiful sea turtle bracelet that I can wear with this tee!

Grateful Tee

I remind myself to stay humble, grounded and grateful for my life. I do my best not to take anything for granted. I am grateful for the people (near and far) that I have in my life as well. The Grateful Tee by fitlosophy is the perfect top for those who want to stay grateful in life. It is a great reminder for all who see you in your tee as well. The message of “grateful†is a powerful word.

The Grateful Tee is a lightweight and flowy top, perfect for Spring and Summer weather! I am looking forward to wearing it more with the sun is out! The tee is perfect to run errands in, shopping or even a workout!

Don’t you think both tees are a bit chic and zen fashion pieces?

vyve capri splashpants

With the sun out and about already, our weather fluctuates in the 70s and 80s lately. It’s been beautiful! I love wearing leggings at home and now that the weather is warming up fast, my capri pants, shorts, tank tops, and dresses are coming out!

Have you met the vyve capri splashpants yet? To learn more, be sure to check out Blythe’s thoughts on the vyve capri splashpants! After reading her experience with the amazing capris, I knew I had to have my own pair. I love capris but I also want comfortable clothing for workouts or trips to the pool or beach! The pants can be worn anytime! Based on the website recommendation (and Blythe mentioning the same information), I ultimately chose to size up to large (normally I wear a medium).

The vyve capri splashpants fit perfectly. I don’t like my clothes to be too tight or form-fitting. These are lightweight and comfortable to wear in any relaxed setting.

I love the capri pants, suitable for the chic and zen fashion look!

Malvados Icon Azalia and Gem Slices Necklace

I love my jewelry. I am adding new pieces to my collection so I can have a nice variety to choose from. The Gem Slices Necklace is the perfect piece! It is delicate and meaningful. I love crystals and the rainbow moonstone helps relieve stress and stay balanced emotionally. The necklace pairs perfectly with any outfit!

This summer, I am ready for my feet to see the sun! The Malvados Icon Azalia sandals are perfect to wear with dresses, jeans, capri pants, and shorts. I plan on wearing plenty of dresses too! The sandals can be dressed up or down! The Malvados Icon Azalia sandals are so cute and chic!

Pineapple Canvas Duffle Bag

I can never have too many duffle bags! When I saw the Pineapple Canvas Duffle Bag, I knew I had to add it to my collection. I actually adore the Tropical Palm Canvas Duffle Bag because it reminds me of California living. However, the pineapples are sassy, chic, and adorable! I now have a beautiful and unique looking bag to take on any trip!

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What do you think of our chic and zen fashion choices? Which piece(s) are your favorite? How would you wear each piece?

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  1. It seems to be a good look for a restful and slow walk on the beach during a warm, sunny day

  2. Michele Pineda says

    love the sandals! The pants look comfy and the grateful tee is so nice!

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