A Stunning Makeup Collection That Will Make You Swoon

Being a momma in my late 30’s, it is hard to find the time for a little self care let alone feel beautiful. Yet sometimes you need to stop and take a moment (or an hour) to give yourself a quick makeover for a confidence boost. It’s amazing how a cute outfit and a little bit of makeup can help a girl feel extra special.

Beauty Brite Disclosure
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Give Your Wellness A Lift

When it comes to wellness, I aim for natural methods. Keeping our household happy and healthy is my main goal! I also keep our home clean and disinfected. I find myself vacuuming and even shampooing the carpets when the need arises. Let’s look at ways to give your wellness a lift! 

Give Your Wellness A Lift
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I love using essential oils and an oil diffuser around our home. I can easily have one or two going, one for the living room and one in my bedroom. 

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Get Summer Ready With These 3 Easy Steps

Summer is here and we are ready for fun in the sun! A healthy glow, a cute bathing suit and some small essentials is all you will need this summer!

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Add A Little Fun Behind Closed Doors

Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or married, you can add spice in the bedroom! For me, I am happily single. Sometimes. Being single has its perks. On the other hand, being single is lonely in many ways. It’s time to add a little fun behind closed doors. 

Add A Little Fun Behind Closed Doors
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So yes, I am single. When it comes to fun, I have to be creative, especially as a single mom. I recently received a few adult toys that are perfect for solo use or with your partner! 

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Create Peace In Your Life

We live a quiet life at home. I don’t like drama or stressful situations nor do I bring that into our home. My son and I prefer to be at home, so I like to keep our home safe and calm! Today, we share tips on how to create peace in your life and beyond! 

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Looking at the moon can be soothing. It’s so beautiful to look up at! If we had our own yard, I would insist that my son and I spend more time outside just enjoying the night sky! Since I am a big fan of aromatherapy, I love the idea of combining calm and essential oils! Of course oils can promote calmness, but what about the moon! 

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Ready To Wear Summer Makeup

Just in time for summer, it’s time to refresh your beauty and makeup! Whether you’re looking for a bold or subtle look, we found just the products to try! We found ready to wear summer makeup just for you! 

Ready To Wear Summer Makeup
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Find your glow

Your perfect look starts with your skincare. After cleansing, you want to use a toner such as the Press & Glow from Medik8. Since I received the toner, I’ve incorporated it in with my other Medik8 products

Medik8 Press & Glow

Before even cleansing, you can remove your makeup with Medik8’s Lipid-Balance Cleansing Oil. Then follow up with your Press & Glow, serums, moisturizers, and retinol if you’re using it. 

I use a few pumps of the Press & Glow for my neck and face twice a day! My skin is looking bright and feels smooth. The toner does not dry out my skin or feel sticky, so I can easily apply my serums and moisturizers without issues. 

Lips & Cheeks

When it comes to lips, I am more of a lip balm and sometimes lip gloss kinda gal! I was sent the Lip Pencil Plus in Carnation Pink and the Lasting Cheekcolor in Mauve Magic

Merle Norman Lip Pencil Plus in Carnation Pink

Both products are beautiful and I ended up giving them to my neighbor who loves makeup just as much as I do. She immediately tried the Lip pencil! I love that it’s one versatile product as a lip color and lip liner! I knew I wouldn’t use the lip pencil, so I am glad my neighbor will use it! 

Merle Norman Lasting Cheekcolor in Mauve Magic

The Lasting Cheekcolor in Mauve Magic is a beautiful color. I like that these products are perfect for all skin tones. It goes on silky and smooth, fade-resistant, and blends so easily! 


I am always looking for new eye shadows to try! Also, I have never tried the Merle Norman brand, so I was really excited to try their shadows and shadow sticks! 

Merle Norman Eye shadow

I am so excited to receive three shades including Sky, Orchid (limited edition), and Desert Bronze (limited edition). Of course, all three colors are beautiful and I think they work perfectly with my skin tone. I can attest that the colors last, go on smooth, and stay in place all day, even through my sweaty workouts! They are every crease/smudge-resistant! 

Desert Bronze is my favorite color as it is a neutral and it adds a little sparkle to my look! Sky and Orchid are perfect when I want a beautiful color to my look! 

I was also sent shadow sticks which match perfectly with the three eye shadows I was sent! 

Merle Norman Shadow Stick

I was sent limited edition shades in Misty, Denim, and Bubbly! All three colors are so pretty and last all day, even through my sweaty workouts! I also like that they blend easily when needed. 

Misty matches with Orchid.

Denim matches with Sky. 

Bubbly matches with Desert Bronze.

I use the colors together and create my own look! 

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Workout Must Haves You Need

For the second year in a row I have stuck to my health and fitness goals (Yay me!). The only difference between this year and the last, is that I have more experience with what works for me. Here are some amazing workout must haves every fitness guru should have in their arsenal.

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Teacher Gifts After An Epic School Year

The 2020/2021 school year was one for the books! Learning during a pandemic was quite a challenge. My son loves school, so not being able to be on campus was such a bummer for him. When school finally returned to in-person learning, I think he really thrived! He and I were both very excited! I found teacher gifts after an epic school year we all went through! 

Teacher Gifts After An Epic School Year
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My son started a new school last year, which means a new teacher. His teacher happens to be a brand new teacher. Her first year of teaching, in a pandemic! I am so thankful he has such a caring teacher. 

I wanted to put together a sweet gift bag for her. I really appreciate how hard she worked, especially meeting my son over zoom instead of in-person! 

Restful sleep

Silken Pure Sleep Mask in pink

When I saw the Silken Pure Sleep Mask, I knew it would be the perfect gift for my son’s teacher! It’s been such a crazy year, a good night’s sleep is always welcomed. She works extremely hard and works well past school hours to prepare materials and lessons for her students. 

The Silken Pure Sleep Mask is made from pure mulberry silk, which makes it extra soft on your skin! 

Personalized Gift

I have been lucky enough to have a few pieces of art that represent the night sky for special occasions! Our most recent star map is from the day I got the keys to our home! The other special date I wanted to capture was the night my son was born! As you can imagine, both dates are very important to us! 

Well Told Night Sky Insulated Tumbler

I wanted to give the Well Told Night Sky Insulated Tumbler to my son’s teacher, knowing she drinks tea! I thought it would be perfect for her to use at home, on-the-go, or even in the classroom! 

Since it is a personal gift, I did have to spill the bean and ask for a special date she had in mind. She chose the day she got married! 

Learning toys

Originally, I wanted toys for my son to use during his ABA Therapy. However, I’m thinking they may be best for his classroom at school so all of his classmates can use them! I’ll wait until we start ABA Therapy again and see how it goes. 

Skoolzy Matching Eggs Color Sorting Toys

The first toy I chose, is the Skoolzy Matching Eggs Color Sorting Toys. I don’t like toys with a lot of pieces. But I also wanted something my son could use to learn colors, shapes, and assemble items together. 

The Skoolzy Matching Eggs Color Sorting Toys is fun exercise my son and I play with. I disassemble the eggs and mix them up. I then have him match the colors and shapes together and put them back in the carton. 

Skoolzy Shapes Puzzles - Educational Color Matching & Shape Sorter

Next, I chose the Skoolzy Shapes Puzzles – Educational Color Matching & Shape Sorter! I wanted something a little more complex for him to match shapes, numbers, and more. Next time I will have him assemble the foam puzzle pieces. This will come handy during his therapy as well! 

Sun Soul Silk face masks

We received silk face masks from Sun Soul. I chose black and purple, one for my son and myself! 

So far, I love how soft they are. They are sturdy and well made. We have other silk masks and they are flimsy and lose their shape. 

The Sun Soul silk face masks have adjustable straps, easy to clean and keep their shape. I love that they have a built in nose bridge thing, now I know which way the face mask goes! 

The mask is a bit big on my son’s face, which is fine, I can easily adjust the straps to make them fit better. 

With proper care (hand wash and hang dry), I see these lasting for a long time! 

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Plant-Based Pudding Snacks

I love little treats here and there. I purposely don’t buy sweets and treats all the time, otherwise, they are gone within days! Instead, I try to choose healthier options and alternatives. I have recently changed the way I eat to where I am eating a salad at least once a day. I recently found plant-based pudding snacks that I am excited to share! 

Plant-Based Pudding Snacks

Disclosure: I received this product for free to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

When it comes to snacks, I try to be picky. However, with my son, I do let him choose his own, just not all the time. 

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Under The Sun And Beyond Must-Haves

Summer is right around the corner. I cannot believe my son is already out of school, however, he starts summer school in a few weeks! Thankfully, he loves school, so that keeps him busy during the day and gives me a chance to enjoy some quiet time. Ready for summer? Let’s share our under the sun and beyond must-haves! 

Under The Sun And Beyond Must-Haves
Beauty Brite Disclosure

Before we jump into the under the sun must-haves, I am excited to share a fun and easy keto cookbook! I have been casually doing keto! I have changed up my diet a bit. I am trying to eat more fruits, vegetables, and a healthy shake each day! 

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