Brighten Your Skin In A Cruelty Free Way

I am in my 40s and I have noticed my skin is changing. I am more focused on using anti-aging products. In the meantime, I also choose products that help brighten my skin and give me a natural glow. We found products that help brighten your skin in a cruelty free way

Brighten Your Skin In A Cruelty Free Way
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As consumers, we have a choice. Choose cruelty free products. Cruelty free means their products are not tested on animals. Do you choose cruelty free? 

My skin is changing. The products I was using a few years ago do not have the same effect. I am always open to trying different products for my skin. 

Fresh Morning Dew Glow

Add happiness with your skincare with Act of Wellness.

Who doesn’t crave that fresh morning dew glow? I was introduced to the Ultra Bright Mornings Bundle from Act of Wellness and knew right away I wanted to try it. 

The Ultra Bright Mornings Bundle includes Euphoric Exfoliation Smoothing Polish, Euphoric Exfoliation Softening Accelerator, and R&R Sleeping Mask. I was really excited to try the bundle because my skin needed a refresh! 

Euphoric Exfoliation Smoothing Polish

The Euphoric Exfoliation Smoothing Polish is a gentle polish for your skin. It is not meant to be applied like a scrub. Apply gently all over your face. 

Euphoric Exfoliation Softening Accelerator

The Euphoric Exfoliation Softening Accelerator is the second step in the routine. After applying the polish, you add about 2 drops of the accelerator to your face for about one minute. 

The first two steps are meant to be used one to two times per week! Add a little happiness to your skin with just two steps! 

R&R Sleeping Mask

I love the R&R Sleeping Mask. It is an overnight sleep mask, so apply at night. This can be applied each night. I love using the R&R Sleeping Mask as an added layer of moisturization for my skin. 

Add radiance, glow, and dew to your skin with just 3 products from Act of Wellness.

Dreamy Finish

Now that you’ve pampered your skin with happy ingredients from Act of Wellness, it’s time to add a dreamy finish to your look!

Merle’s Pearls

Merle’s Pearls is a limited edition pearl collection that delivers a dreamy, translucent satin finish. The gift set includes Italian-made multicolored Powder Pearls in a jewel faceted jar and angled Powder Brush. 

Gently swirl your angled powder brush in the jar of pearls. Be careful because I have already lost a few pearls! Then, apply the powder to your finished look for a dreamy finish! A subtle glow!

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