Body Care Pampering: 4 Steps For Beautiful, Healthy Looking Skin

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4 quick and easy steps to achieve beautiful healthy looking skin during your body care ritual!

Step 1: Dry Brushing

Dry brushing your skin is a great first step in a body care ritual. When dry brushing, it can take anywhere from 3-5 minutes to complete the process. It is best to do it on dry skin right before you shower. When looking for a good dry brush, one that is all natural like Ida Body Care’s Body Brush, is a perfect option. Avoid synthetic brushes since they can cause skin irritation to sensitive skin. Ida Body Care Body Brush is made of pure plants and has an easy to grip handle as compared to others on the market. I have since replaced my old body brush with Ida’s and I am never going back!!!

When you begin to dry brush, start at your toes and heels brushing in long strokes in an upwards motion towards your heart. Continue this pattern up your legs and thighs. When you reach your belly, you will begin to dry brush in a counter clockwise motion. Your buttocks and back may be difficult, but the best way is to brush in long strokes in a downward motion. Your arms will be done in the same manner as your legs, in long upwards motion pulling inwards towards your heart. When you finally reach your neck and decollate, you need to be extra gentle and continue brushing upwards.

This gentle form of exfoliation should make your skin a little red, but it should not break or scratch the skin. Dry brushing has a slew of benefits aside from removing dead skin and unclogging pores. You can dry brush your skin multiple times a week, as long as your skin can handle it. I would definitely recommend starting once a week depending on how sensitive your skin is. As always it is important to wash your dry brush weekly with a gentle cleanser to avoid skin irritation.

Step 2: Body Wash

After dry brushing it is time to jump in the shower! A good body wash is crucial for healthy looking skin. You don’t want to use anything loaded with synthetic chemicals since they are equivalent to products like laundry soap. Ida’s Body Care Body Wash is creamier than your typical body wash which I love. It lathered up nicely and absorbed quickly into my skin. I could immediately feel the difference in how soft my skin was.

The Verbena Citrus Body Wash is made of 13 natural essential oils and is an effective skin cleanser. The lemon verbena scent is light and smells amazing. It’s uplifting and invigorating, perfect second step to a body care ritual.

Step 3: Scrub

Even though we did a dry exfoliation with the dry brush, a body scrub like Ida’s Verbena Citrus Body Scrub is a great way to add extra cleansing and hydration to your skin.

It is gentle and not any where near harsh. Ida’s Verbena Citrus Body Scrub is made with 12 essential oils and natural sugar that will stimulate and revive skin. Upon opening the scrub, the natural oils settled to the top of the jar, so it would be a good idea to give it a good stir prior to using.

I love the Verbena Citrus scent, just like the body wash, it is aromatic but not over powering.

Step 4: Lotion

After your shower, gently pat yourself dry and apply a moisturizing lotion like Ida’s Verbena Citrus Body Lotion from your neck all the way down to your toes. It is the final step to treating your skin with a bit of luxury. The scent is uplifting but not overpowering and the best part, a little bit goes a long way. Ida’s Verbena Citrus Body Lotion absorbs quickly and does not sit heavy on top of your skin. Since the scent is mild it will not compete with your favorite perfume.

Ida’s Verbena Citrus Body Lotion is made with 18 essential oils, coconut oil and shea butter. Your skin will be left so soft, that there will be no way you will be going back to your old body care routine.

Do you have a body care ritual?

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