Bee Venom: Skin Care Gold You Need To Know About

I would have never thought I would willingly put bee venom on my skin, but I did and I am here for it.

Beauty Brite Disclosure
Disclaimer: If you have allergies to bees; bee venom in your skin care is NOT recommended.

Bee Venom & Your Skin

So what exactly is all the ‘buzz‘ about? If you are all about collagen repair and growth, bee venom is where it’s at! Bee venom is known for stimulating collagen by encouraging new cell growth. It does amazing things for your complexion and helps firm and plump up your skin.

The PM Night Cream with Manuka Honey  is magic! There is no scent and the cream itself is thick yet creamy. I was impressed with how quickly it melted into my skin. I did notice a little warmth to my skin after applying, but it was comforting. The next morning my skin felt soft, hydrated and plump. The scoop allowed you to take out exactly what you need to cover your face and neck, so there is no waste.

The AM Day Serum may not have bee-venom, but it acts as a great hydrator. It left my skin supple, and helped maintain it over the past couple weeks. It provided a great canvas to lay my makeup over and did not cause my makeup to pill or roll off. It quickly absorbed and did not feel heavy on the skin.

Using both creams daily is like having the dynamic duo of face creams. Rejuvenating and rebuilding at night, and hydrating and protecting during the day.

I was nervous to try these Manuka Honey + Bee Venom masks, I don’t have any allergies to bees, but placing bee venom on your skin would make anyone second guess. The mask itself has a golden hue due to the manuka honey. The serum was thick but had a great slip to it.

I am used to masks that are cooling, but the Manuka Honey + Bee Venom masks are different. Your face begins to feel warm, as if someone placed their warm hands on your cheeks. I noticed that when some of the serum landed on my lips, they did tingle, something I was mindful of.

After removing the mask, my skin was a little red, as if the blood was rushing to my face. I immediately noticed my skin looked lifted and felt tighter. It also had more of a bounce to it. Once the redness calmed down (5-10 minutes) , my skin looked youthful and healthy. By far one of my favorite sheet masks I’ve tried!

Beneficial Manuka Honey

Manuka honey? Might as well pour it on me! Manuka honey has been known to protect and balance your skin’s Ph. It acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent which is ideal if you suffer from acne.

When it comes to cleansing your skin, No Soap – Manuka Hand & Body Bar sets the standards high. The no fuss eco-friendly packaging is simple yet beautiful. It’s 100% natural and it did not irritate my sensitive skin.

It has a light scent from the manuka oil that is clean and natural smelling. The No Soap – Manuka Hand & Body Bar worked up into a nice lather that did not leave any residue behind. I noticed my skin was softer and well hydrated. It’s even gentle enough that my kids can use it daily.

The Remove Gentle Facial Cleanser is a powerful yet gentle face cleanser. It’s a cream facial cleanser, so the texture is similar to hand lotion. It creates a thick lather that removes every bit of makeup.

Upon drying, there was no residue left behind. My skin looked and felt very hydrated and had a gorgeous healthy glow.

The Prepare Spray On Brightening Lotion is a spray on toner. You get an even coat on your face with very little waste. The pump itself sprayed a fine mist which is ideal for toner application.

The Prepare Spray On Brightening Lotion felt weightless yet cooling on my skin. It had a light scent of honey that was not overwhelming. Once it dried down, it gave my skin a beautiful glow. I felt I didn’t need any makeup due to how vibrant and healthy my skin looked.

The Repair Multi-Functional Manuka Honey Lip Balm, is a soft balm that feels amazing on your lips. My lips felt hydrated and the fine lines appeared filled. There is no scent which I prefer and I love the healthy shine it gave my lips. There is a generous amount of balm in the container and the slim packaging makes it easy to travel with.

Oh So Natural

It’s safe to say that the era of chemical filled skin care is a thing of the past, and all-natural is here to stay.

The Superfruit Eye Serum is a light and fast absorbing eye serum. The sleek packaging is an eye catcher and the steel ball applicator is brilliant.

The roller ball quickly applies the Superfruit Eye Serum while the coldness of the steel depuffs, calms and cools the delicate skin around your eyes.

I usually follow up with a jade roller after applying my eye cream, and with this applicator, there is no need to do so. After two weeks of using Superfruit Eye Serum, I noticed a hydrated bounce to the skin around my eyes, which tells me I am fighting back against aging.

The Anti-Aging Face Oil is my favorite product from Au Natural Skinfood. The natural ingredients are safe and effective on sensitive skin. It absorbed quickly leaving my skin feeling silky, smooth, and hydrated.

The Anti-Aging Face Oil has a glass dropper for easy application. Just a few drops is all you need to cover your entire face. The oil feels great on the skin and not greasy. Since it absorbed quickly, it did not leave any residue behind.

The Anti-Aging Face Oil has a nice powdery fragrance that I enjoyed. It was not overwhelming, but rather soothing. Perfect for anyone who has scent sensitivity. The Anti-Aging Face Oil offered deep hydration and gave my skin a youthful and healthy glow.

Defend, Protect & Strengthen

One of the most important things you can do for your skin is to take preventative measures for protection. Sunscreen is my secret weapon, so that’s why I was intrigued by Au Natural Skinfood brush on sunscreen. On The Go not only is a sunscreen, it’s also a mineral powder foundation.

It’s very sheer, with a gentle tint of color. Even though this was not my shade, I still gave it a test run. It felt weightless when worn over bare skin and it did not interfere or move my makeup when gently brushed over . When I wore On The Go over bare skin, my skin looked pulled together and not as blotchy, so it definitely helped with the appearance. Due to the sheerness, I can understand why the three shades can accommodate a multitude of skin tones.

The brush is soft against your skin, and the product comes out easily. One of my favorite things about this is the sustainability and eco-friendliness. Refills can easily be purchased saving you money and the environment.

With the pandemic still in full swing, keeping your skin protected from viruses is a must.

The 3-pk of Defend moisturizing gel hand sanitizer is always good to have on hand. It’s made of 75% plant-based alcohol, so it does not dry out your skin.

Defend does have the typical hand sanitizer smell, but it’s not overwhelming and goes away once it’s absorbed.

If your looking for a different way to build your skin’s strength, collagen supplements are a must. It’s one of my favorite ways to take care of my skin.

Since getting my hands on Marine Collagen Powder, I have not touched my other collagen supplements.

Most collagen supplements call for using 1 or 2 heaping scoops in your beverage that can thicken or even change the taste. Since you are only using 1 teaspoon, you are still getting the same nutritional value without compromising texture or taste of your drink. Bravo!

Overall, the most impressive concept about Au Natural Skinfood’s skin care is the sustainability and eco-friendliness of the packaging & re-fill solutions. Everything is so well thought of in order to leave a smaller carbon footprint. It’s a company that offers a great peace of mind knowing you are not creating anymore unwanted waste.

Would you try bee venom?

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