Become Cleansed and Energized With These Cruelty-Free Skincare Products

Become Cleansed and Energized With These Cruelty-Free Skincare Products

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Confession: I’m not much for the gym on a day-to-day basis. More often than not, my intentions to complete a workout have fallen flat before I’ve even stepped towards my sneakers! That being said, I do get myself up and out for the occasional exercise–and when I do, I like to be ready for the aftermath. Post-workout is also usually pre-workday for me, which means that I’ll be refreshed, sweaty, and not even remotely presentable. So what’s a girl to do? Turns out, YUNI has the answer!

This brand offers an amazing workout collection–complete with its own adorable and spacious travel bag–called the Sweat, Refresh, Go Kit, and it can definitely enhance your exercise routine (particularly if, like me, you work out before going somewhere else). With quick and effective products to cleanse your skin, body mist to revitalize your senses, and a calming gel to cool you down, YUNI’s Sweat, Refresh, Go Kit really seems to have it all! (Note: while this kit is no longer available, YUNI recommends trying the Festival Kit instead, which has the same products–with the addition of a Rejuvenating Hand Crème, You may also like the Healthy Actives Kit). 

Let me start with YUNI’s Flash Bath No-Rinse Body Cleanser (now known as the No Rinse Body Cleansing Foam). This is a popular one, and for good reason: it does exactly what it claims! The product comes in a relatively small, but still decent-sized pump bottle (I don’t know about you, but I usually find pump-action bottles to be easier than tubes or vials), and the cleanser comes out as a white, frothy mousse. It didn’t take much product for my arms and legs, and it rubbed in very quickly, leaving me feeling clean, revitalized, and smelling like sage!

The aforementioned smell is a little strong, but nevertheless, this product gets its job done. YUNI also claims that this cleanser will leave skin “soft”, and I actually did find this to be the case, even after just one night’s use! Keep using this product after your workouts, and you’ll be as soft as the frothy mousse that you’re using. Plus, you’ll be saving water by skipping those extra (and more time-consuming) showers. Perks all around!

YUNI Sweat Refresh And Go Travel Kit

If you find yourself strapped for time and privacy, then YUNI also has another option for cleansing: Shower Sheets. These sheets are basically large cleansing wipes that smell like the Body Cleanser–but they also have a bit of citrus in their scent, which is even better! There’s one wipe per package, and the size of the wipe means that one really can be enough for your entire body. Just swipe where needed to feel like a whole new you! These wipes are also biodegradable.; finally, a brand with products that you can use and dispose of without fearing for the environment!

The next product that I used was YUNI’s Chillax Muscle Recovery Gel. Since I don’t have much experience with athletic training, my exercise woes are nowhere near as serious or as constant as any dedicated athletes’ might be. Nevertheless, when I tried this product out, my feet were feeling particularly sore, and–after a few minutes–my feet did indeed feel a bit better! The name of the Chillax Gel did mislead me at first; I was expecting a tube of, well, gel. Instead, I was pleased to find that this product is actually a generously-sized roller-ball stick, not unlike a long, slender, and less messy deodorant!

The large roller-ball is at the tip of the Chillax stick, and appears to just be a solid, clear ball at first glance. I quickly discovered that it takes a few moments to really warm up–but once you start rubbing the roller-ball against your skin, it begins to moisten with a cold, minty liquid that spreads well and dries fast. After I’d applied the roller-ball generously, I laid back for a while and waited for results. The verdict? That cold, minty feeling will get stronger, but in a pleasant way, and the soreness did decrease. The application of the product also seemed to help (before the gel had even dried) because you give yourself a nice little massage in the process! This product wasn’t what I had expected, but it certainly exceeded my expectations–and I’ll be sure to have it on hand when my body needs a rest.

YUNI Sweat Refresh Go Kit

After you’ve cleansed and cooled your body, it’s time for a final touch of je ne sais quoi–or, in this case, a fragrant dash of essential oil. The final product in YUNI’s kit (aside from the wonderful bag that the kit came in) was the My Om World Aromatic Body Mist (now known simply as the Aromatic Body Mist). According to the product label, this mist is supposed to create “a relaxing and uplifting cocoon” by enveloping you in Geranium, Bergamot, Sage, and Neroli essential oils.

This little body mist might just look like a plainer version of perfume, but it actually packs quite the punch. If essential oils are your thing–or any of the scents that this mist encapsulates–then this mist would most likely be up your alley! Just mist your body with a couple spritzes, then grab your new outfit and walk out the door, looking as fresh as a daisy–or, in this case, a geranium–and leaving all of that sweat behind!   

Once you’ve returned home for the night, consider curling up with some relaxing skincare, books, and snacks. Sound good? I agree–and VI Derm and Karyng have just the skincare products to help us do it! I was fortunate enough to receive Karyng’s Restructuring Night Cream and Revitalizing Eye Cream, as well as VI Derm’s Intense Hydration Serum, Advanced Firming Lotion, and SPF 50+ Cream Sunscreen. These products all have lovely packaging (particularly the Karyng products; the eye cream has a twist-up top that immediately makes you feel fancier!) and are all fairly large. The VI Derm products also have pictures of suns and moons on them to help you remember which ones are for nighttime use or daytime use, which definitely comes in handy when you’re in a rush!

Assuming that it’s nighttime and you’ve just come home from your day (and that early workout!), it’s officially time for some coveted rest & relaxation. To start luxuriating, begin by cleansing your skin (perhaps with YUNI’s No-Rinse Cleanser or Shower Sheets, if you’re still not feeling up to a shower). Next, grab VI Derm’s Advanced Firming Lotion and massage it onto your body–neck, face, chest, whatever you prefer. Treat this like your own personal spa experience! This lotion looks exactly like VI Derm’s Sunscreen, but has a slightly different (albeit still relatively subtle) scent.

VI Derm and Karyng Cruelty-Free Skincare Products

Once you’ve applied the Firming Lotion–and settled into some comfortable pajamas–use Karyng’s Restructuring Night Cream to your face, neck, and decolletage. Spend some extra time massaging this off-white (and slightly fruity-smelling!) cream into your skin; the gentle stimulation of your skin is good for it! Karyng’s products are created by Dr. Karyn Grossman, whose tagline is “90% Nature. 10% Science“, and since this cream is “fueled with anti-oxidants”, it’s a fantastic treat for your face. Finish your nightly regimen with Dr. Grossman’s Revitalizing Eye Cream; twist up the top of this delightfully futuristic bottle to get just a little off-white cream onto your fingertips, then lightly tap it onto your eyelids and the areas around your eyes. Whether it’s “wrinkles”, “puffiness”, or “dark circles”, this cream can help! It feels soothing on the skin, and slightly cool, making it the perfect final ingredient for a relaxing evening and a good night’s sleep.

The next day, be ready to start your morning with VI Derm’s Intense Hydration Serum–after all, who doesn’t want some extra hydration to begin their day?–before applying makeup. Your makeup will work better with hydrated skin! This serum comes in a delightful little pump bottle, and–although the bottle may be a bit small–just a few drops of the clear gel can go a long way. It settled into my skin very quickly, didn’t leave any residue, and serves as an excellent base for cosmetics!

Finish off your morning skincare routine with VI Derm’s Broad Spectrum Sunscreen; with SPF 50, you’ll be set for a day of sun safety! The sunscreen is a thick, white cream (much like any other typical sunscreens), but it also blends in very well and–perhaps most notably–has a more subtle sunscreen scent than most of those other brands’ products. Put this sunscreen on, and you won’t actually smell like a pool deck all day! Now that’s a bonus.

I was able to try a lot of products from three different brands, and I’ll be honest: I probably won’t use all of them every day. However, one of the best things about these products is their variety! Perhaps I’ll take VI Derm’s Intense Hydration Serum with me on trips since it’s a great way to deliver a heavy dose of moisture to the skin quickly (and it’s a great travel size bottle). I also might have Yuni’s No-Rinse Body Cleanser and Aromatic Body Mist with me, since you never know when you’ll need to be revamped and re-energized for an unexpected event; and as for nights of luxurious decadence and relaxation? Well, I’ll be wearing something comfy, letting my skin soak in Karyng’s products and the VI Derm Firming Lotion while I read a good fluffy book like this romance novel. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even mix up the order a bit. Anything can happen.

Are you interested in easing that transition between the gym and work? YUNI has your back!

Do you love treating yourself after a day at work, or jump-starting your day with some luxurious skincare? Then check out Karyng and VI Derm on their respective social media sites, also linked below!

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