Beauty And The Beast Interview With Emma Watson And Dan Stevens #BeOurGuestEvent

Are you looking forward to seeing the live action Beauty And The Beast movie? We have an exclusive interview for more insight. Post sponsored by Disney. All opinions are my own.

Beauty And The Beast Interview With Emma Watson And Dan Stevens #BeOurGuestEvent

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We were given an exclusive interview with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. Emma Watson stars as Belle and Dan Stevens stars at The Beast/Prince Adam in Beauty And The Beast in the Live Action Film.

Are you excited to for the new movie? I know I was! Stay tuned for my review of the film!

Emma Watson And Dan Stevens collage

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Listening and reading over our interview with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens is very inspiring. You will see how hard they had to practice for their roles. Also, Emma has amazing advice for people of all ages who feel like they don’t fit in.

Before I went on the #BeOurGuestEvent Disney Press Junket, I was feeling pretty depressed. I found myself rarely talking to anyone and I didn’t have any blogger friends messaging me anymore. This trip allowed me to meet bloggers in person — for the first time! It was very energizing, to make friends in real life. To meet the kindest, open and welcoming group of bloggers! I am so glad that my husband and I were able to make this trip a possibility. With us having a child with Autism/special needs, we depend on each other to watch him. This trip just worked out perfectly that my husband could be home to watch our son while I was out of town.

Beauty And The Beast Costumes

Question: What was it like seeing yourselves in full costume the first time?

Emma Watson: It was kind of amazing! With Belle, it’s a fairytale; I play kind of an archetype, really. She’s more of a symbol than, the kind of the way that I got into character and I sort of started to feel like I was understanding her really well, was through her costume, so it was like working on putting together the boots that she wore and, she had kind of these slightly scruffy socks, and she had the bloomers underneath her skirt which meant that she could swing her leg over a horse.

And creating the kind of tool belt that she has on for when she’s inventing things, and it will carry her books and all these little details. She actually has a ring on her finger which actually one that I wear which is one from my mom, and all these tiny things, I really felt like I was starting to get to know her, so her costume was really important for me, actually. It was, like, the way in.

Dan Stevens explaining costumes

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Dan Stevens: I didn’t really have a costume. Well, I did have a costume. They were really giant coats that he wore and this massive shredded cloak, but I never actually got to put it on. I was- I spent the whole time, as the Beast, anyway, in a forty pound muscle suit on stilts covered in gray lycra. So I looked pretty odd, but nothing like the Beast that you see in the, in the movie.

Beauty And The Beast dance pose

Question: The dance scenes are amazing. How long did it take you to prepare for that?

Dan Stevens: Wow, it was about three months…It was a lot of dance training for this, and particularly for that iconic waltz, and we first of all learned- well, I first learned it on the ground.

Emma Watson: That’s kind of a four-step process, so we learned, we learned to pass.

Dan Stevens: Yes, with different partners.

Emma Watson: We learned it together.

Dan Stevens: Then I graduated to the stilts…

Emma Watson: And then he graduated to the ballroom. Because that ballroom is so huge that actually kind of filling the space and really making it seem as if we were filling that room was a kind of challenge in itself.

Dan Stevens: Yeah, waltzing on stilts. Not something I thought I would ever be able to say.

The Beast

Question: I kind of have a two-part question. How much of it was CGI and how much was actually you? Emma, did you have any input of the dress for Belle?

Dan Stevens: So, to your first question, it’s all me, kind of. It was motion capture puppeteering of the suit. I’m inside a giant muscle suit on stilts, so the Beast’s body was me moving inside there. The facial capture was done separately, and every two weeks, I’d go into this booth, and ten thousand UV dots would be sprayed on my face, and twenty-seven little cameras would capture everything I’ve been doing for the past two weeks just with my face. So it was my face driving that Beast’s face and they turned that information digitally into the Beast’s face and map it onto the body that I’d been working on the set.

So in answer to your question, lots of CGI and also, it is me driving it all and it’s an amazing new technology that’s never been used this extensively before, and it’s very, very exciting.

Beauty And The Beast flowly dress

Emma Watson: So yes, I was very heavily involved in the dress. Trying to get the dress right was really difficult because we needed to dress her to serve a number of different purposes and functions. So it needed to be of the period, so originally she started off with a very seventeenth century traditional dress, but then we realized that it didn’t do the cute twirly thing that it does in the animation when the dress spins behind her.

Emma Watson talking about the dress

Photo Credit: Coralie Hughes Seright/

We were like, damn. It has to do that, otherwise, it’s not right. It’s gotta twirl. All right, so it’s gotta be seventeenth century, but the bottom’s gotta be different, so let me try another version of it, which kind of did have that movement. It was lightness, so we made it out of chiffon, and she’s also gotta ride a horse in it, and she’s gotta be able to kind of go into the third part of the movie which is where she goes back to see her father. So it also kind of needs to feel like an action hero dress which is why the front of the dress looks a bit like a coat of armor.

It’s got gold flecks in it and had that kind of warrior element to it, as well. So, yeah, we kind of created a warrior, modern seventeenth century twisty, twirly dress hybrid.

Dan Stevens: There was a lot of chewing and throwing with that dress design, and during that, that extensive design period, Emma came over to my house in London for dinner, and we were talking about the dress… What the dress was gonna look like, and my five-year-old daughter at the time sort of overheard our conversation, and she scurried into the next room with a pen a paper and came back about a half an hour later with five different dress designs. And Emma was very, very sweet. She sat down with Willow and she looked through them all, they chose which one they thought that they should go with. Anyway, a few weeks later, Willow came on set and saw Emma in the finished dress, and she’s, yep, that’s the one. So in her mind, she designed that dress.



Question: What would you say to girls that feel different and odd in their own way?

Emma Watson: What I remember being so torturous about school was that [school] is your whole world. It’s like this microcosm; the people that are in your class, that’s your entire universe. That is your planet, and if you don’t fit with that, with those, however, many people are in your class, it’s miserable.

And I think what my mom really said to me was that it might feel like the end of the world right now, that you don’t quite fit, but one day, you might be really grateful for that. And it’s very hard to see at the time but there’s a big, wide world out there with people who have diverse interests, perspectives, and opinions. And you kind of have to just like go out there and, find your tribe; find your kindred spirits; find the people that resonate with you and that you feel at home with.

Emma Watson talking about not fitting in

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And it takes a bit of persistence, and it doesn’t necessarily come overnight and really easily, but actually when I look back on not feeling like I fitted, at school, I’m really grateful that I didn’t because I actually don’t really particularly want to be like any of who were the cool girls in my, in my class anymore. I’m glad that I was different. I’m glad that I was a bit odd and I didn’t really fit in. So, you know, obviously, all of this is easy to say in retrospect, I hope that’s helpful.

Beauty And The Beast opens in theaters everywhere on March 17th!

You can find Beauty And The Beast on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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