Basic Introduction To CBD And Hemp Health

A few years ago, I was looking for relief for our situation. My son has Autism and there are times when he gets overwhelmed, stressed, and could have a meltdown. To help calm him down, I started looking into CBD products. First, we tried CBD gummies and tinctures. However, I didn’t see any difference at all. I gave up. However, years later, I was desperate. We’re excited to share a basic introduction to CBD and hemp health! 

Basic Introduction To CBD And Hemp Health
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As a special needs mom, I prefer to try natural remedies. I didn’t want to use medication because there are so many side effects! I wanted to try CBD again!

This time around, I tried using a bigger dose. Before, I was only using about 3 to 5 drops with my son. I wasn’t seeing any difference. Now, I use a bigger dose and higher concentration of CBD with him. It’s so important to choose quality products, such as Blessed CBD gummies.

Since he loves gummies, I chose to try CBD gummies too. 

CBD Organics Vegan Gummies

I am also using the gummies. I chose the CBD Organics Vegan CBD Gummies so that both my son and myself can use them. These are very easy to take and my son already takes gummy vitamins, so these were easy to incorporate in our routine. 

Smilyn CBD Fruit Gummies and Tincture

Out of the blue, I had my son try the Smilyn CBD Fruit Gummies with his gummy vitamins! He must have loved them because the next morning, I purposely left them out and he reminded me to get a gummy from Smilyn CBD Fruit Gummies

I also received the Smilyn CBD Oil Tincture Orange. Since this is a smaller dose, these will come in handy in the evening as a quick way to calm either of us down for the evening. 

Mellomelon Hemp Gummies

We love having the Mellomelon Hemp Gummies on hand! I prefer vegan products as it is, so this allows me the option to take them too! Life has been pretty hectic lately, hemp gummies and tinctures help when you need natural relief.

Chakra Xtracts MediVape and Tincture

Ever since a fellow reviewer tried CBD Vaping products, I was curious! With the global pandemic, schools closed, etc, I feel like I am stressed out and overwhelmed. 

Chakra Xtracts was kind enough to send me their MediVape and Vape Pen!  I’ve tried vaping marijuana but I had really bad experiences! So I am leary but curious about vaping CBD. I use Chakra Xtracts MediVape in the evening to help relax for the evening. 

I was also sent the Chakra Xtracts CBD Tincture, which my son and I can both use. I like to give him CBD before school or therapy! He can easily get upset or have a meltdown! To help prevent that, I use CBD. 

DeepCBD, Pure Nectar, and REM CBD Tinctures

My son and I can also utilize deepCBDs Fresh Tincture, Pure Nectar CBD Tincture, and REM CBD Drops. I prefer to use flavored CBD with him because there is a chance he will spit it out!

We have both tried unflavored or plain CBD and they just aren’t as fun to take. So, I try to choose flavored CBD. 

Once you find the right dosage, you will be amazed at how CBD can help you and your family!

If you are looking for natural relief from stress, especially from being stuck at home, and dealing with trying to stay healthy with the Coronavirus, consider CBD and Hemp! 

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Stephanie is a full time single mom to a teen with Autism. She is a homeowner and starting a new chapter! Feel free to contact Stephanie for more information on how she can help your company.

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