Baby Steps to a Healthier You

Health. Working out. A balanced diet. A bunch of words that sometimes is difficult to digest. Of course everyone wants to be healthy and in shape. We also want to eat fabulously tasting meals everyday. Overall that ‘Healthier YOU‘ lifestyle is what almost every human being strives for.

Beauty Brite Disclosure

Here’s the real ‘tea’. Life is chaotic and our minds keep pushing its own personal agenda of ‘you don’t have time’. This chubby girl is here to you ‘That’s an excuse.’ There is always time to be healthy.

How do we start?

I really have no idea 🙂 So I began doing a bit of research.

The one thing that every post, review, fit blog or video had in common was WATER . I thought ‘I can handle water’. It’s one of the basic essentials to survival and great skin. I decided no more excuses; it’s time to take my first step , even if it’s a baby step.

My container

There are so many different water bottles that serve different purposes. Some are meant for durability, some for fashion, others capacity. I didn’t need a heavy metal canister that can possibly break my toe or a massive gallon jug that was just a work out to carry it. I needed something convenient enough to pack and carry.

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle Retails $24.95 on Amazon

Recently, when I was introduced to the Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle, I was very intrigued. This was very different than anything I have ever owned, but I was willing to run it through the test.

For 3 weeks, we really ran the Nomader through different situations. The first thing I wanted to test is to see if it can survive the freezer. Thankfully it did. No cracks, no leaking, no bowing, the silicone did not budge. The rigid hand grip can slide up and down the bottle keeping a nice barrier between your hand and the freezing water.

My youngest son used it for his hot cocoa recently (not exactly what I wanted him to pour in there but he did) and the hand grip served its purpose. No hands were harmed with either test.

Nomader Product Highlights

My husband decided that he wanted to ‘really’ test it out at work. I will be honest, I was weary. He is a package delivery driver for UPS, so I know it is going to get abused. Every day for close to two weeks, he came home from his 16 hr shift (It’s peak season!) and tossed it in the sink. It was FILTHY. Covered in dirt and who knows what else. I washed it out with a bottle brush, refilled it with fresh water and tossed it in the freezer.

The result.

The Nomader SURVIVED, and it always came out looking as good as new after each use and wash. His favorite part, he was able to roll it up and toss it in his work bag. If he had a ‘moment’ and a company where he delivered offered him a beverage, he used his Nomader for a refill. Talk about a small change that can help save the earth!

Personally, I can not wait to use this for our annual camping trip. It may be 7 months away, but I already have plans to purchase 4 more for each of my family members to have. A container like the Nomader water bottle is a perfect for any situation and a great reminder to make healthy choices.

Now that I have my container squared away, this self proclaimed soda lover needed a little more ‘pizazz’ added to her water.

Healthy Flavor Town

My water needed a little something. Since I am slowly making my way to healthier choices, Kool-Aid single packets were NOT the way to go. Plus many of these so called ‘healthy’ additives contain so many chemicals.

This is where Amazing Grass came in. The concept is amazing. The hydrate tablets are made of a superfood blend of fresh greens, vitamins, and electrolytes. Perfect to re-energize after a long busy day or workout.

Amazing Grass Tablets

Personally, I suffer from a functional neuro disorder that affects my muscles. I have good days and I have days of just hell. I already take supplements of potassium, magnesium, B12 and sodium. If I am having a horrible day, a trip to the E.R to get an I.V of potassium normally does the trick .

The Hydrate Amazing Grass Contains all of these healthy essentials and more. I sent an e-mail to my doctor inquiring about Amazing Grass. She said they sound like a perfect health supplement to add to my daily regimen and it won’t interfere with my daily meds. So I dug in.

The results

After one week of use, I noticed a couple of differences. ( Lets premise this with I was only drinking water after cutting out all other types of beverages from my diet)

First, I had energy. The healthy ‘greens’ I was receiving in my diet was a very basic spinach salad with chicken. Amazing Grass Hydrate added an additional serving of greens and veggies. Honestly this was something that I thought I was doing well with, but learned I was overly neglecting with just ONE sad salad a day.

Secondly, and probably the most important thing I noticed, were my muscles at the end of a day. I take all my supplements and a bulk of my meds in the morning and carry on my day like normal. By the time the evening hits, I begin feeling this nagging soreness all over my body. Some days it’s just my hands and shoulders, other days my hips down to my legs.

Since my body was telling me it needed more hydration and oxygen, I felt it was best to drink a glass around this time. It didn’t take the soreness away, but it certainly dulled it to where I was more comfortable. Between cutting all the other beverages out, and adding Amazing Grass, was an absolute game changer. A healthy, yet small change to say the least.

How to use

The instructions were simple, just add one tablet to a glass of water (8-10 oz). Personally the taste was a bit strong for my liking. So I began adding it to my Nomader water bottle that was 22oz and lots of ice. Out of the two flavors in their Hydrate line, the Strawberry Lemonade was a favorite. The benefits of adding a healthy serving of Amazing Grass to your diet is undeniable. That little extra boost to my immune system is just what my body was craving. I am very excited to explore their other products (especially the Beauty Tablets) and watch the superfoods do their work.

You can purchase all of the products Amazing Grass has to offer on their website or on .

Something is Still Missing

What can I say, O2 really blew my mind. From the packaging, the taste and the performance, O2 won my heart. O2 Natural Recovery covered that basic ‘baby step’ of introducing more water in my diet. It also acted as an energy drink with naturally caffeinated flavors and helped with recovery after a long day with electrolytes. Triple threat to say the least.

O2 Natural Recovery Drink retails for $41.99 for a case of 12

As soon as the O2 drinks came in, I put them in my fridge for a day to get nice and cold. With many energy or recovery drinks, sometimes the after taste can be off putting. My train of thought is that if they were nice and cold, the taste wouldn’t interfere with how I felt they performed. Lets just say, they taste AMAZING; room temp or cold, O2 was SO GOOD.

My husband was also very intrigued with O2. After comparing ingredients with other well known brands he decided to give a couple a try. He works tirelessly doing manual labor as a package delivery driver. A bad habit is that he tends load up on those sugar filled energy drinks that causes an intense crash by the end of the day. Taking two for his work day to replace the energy drinks are in hopes that he can turn some of those bad habits around.

The Outcome

IMPRESSED. It kept him going, even after a 16 hour work day. Personally, the best part, he did not crash or complain of a headache when he came home. The natural caffeine kept him going in a much more healthier way, and he wasn’t as fatigued due to an energy drink crash when he came home.

The one thing we both loved about it, is the taste. O2 didn’t contain that typical chemical aftertaste that I initially feared. It had everything we looked for in a ‘boost’ and was just as refreshing as an ice cold glass of water.

O2 has 4 flavor options (orange mango being the favorite) as well as caffeine and caffeine-free options. What really had me impressed, was that O2 not only acted as an energy drink to push through a hard day, it also acted as a recovery sports drink for the end of a day. With only 20 calories per serving and 5 grams of carbs, there was absolutely no guilt.

So what did I learn?

DRINK MORE WATER. Days upon days of feeling low and fatigued will be of the past. I was given a boost with more water in my diet and added supplements to improve the flavor pallet. I may not be crossfitting my way into a supermodel body, but definitely took a step in a healthier direction. It is so satisfying to know that I will be seeing better results with my muscles, getting ahead on fatigue, and saying goodbye to those useless headaches. Cheers to taking a baby step to an overall healthier you.


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  1. Great article and tips.O2 is pretty pricey, but cant deny that is a great recovery drink. Way better than Gatorade or powerade

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