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I love trying new foods and I give it my best shot to try to avoid picky eating. Subscription boxes have been super helpful in aiding me to branch out from my norm and try new options.

One of the areas that I feel was lacking was international foods and snacks within my diet.

Bokksu is one of the leading, authentic Japanese snack boxes available

Japanese snack boxes

What I enjoy about Bokku is that the company offers monthly subscriptions based upon themes and seasons. Each snack is directly sourced from Japan markets and is sent in monthly boxes directly to you.

Most Japanese subscription boxes obtain their items from mainstream vendors. In contrast, Bokssu obtains their product from artisans and specialty markets.

Bokksu offers three different subscription boxes, even to include a vegetarian option!

I am usually a sweet snack kind of person, what I ate more of was the savory, salty snacks. In the March 2019 box, my top pick was the Uni Rice Crackers.

‘This delicious fried cracker pulls its lovely umami flavor from uni (sea urchin) and soy sauce. It’s savory and salty without being overly fishy, and the crackers even have an oblong shape to look more like the actual sea urchin.’

March 2019 March Picnic Subscription Box included:

snack subscription box
  • White Strawberry Candy – a freeze dried strawberry dipped in pink colored White Chocolate
  • 20th Century Pear Langue de Chat Cookie – a butter cookie infused with white chocolate and pear flavors
  • Sapporo Chokoro Strawberry – Roasted soybeans encased in a strawberry and white chocolate shell
  • Mogumogu Cranberry Chocolate – sweet cranberries dipped in bitter, dark chocolate
  • Mocchan Dango Mochi – a traditional sweet, rice cake dipped in sugar
  • Gourmet Edamame Chips – slightly sweet and salty, bite-sized chips
  • Gourmet Shrimp Chips – rice cracker texture chip with the salty taste of shrimp and soy sauce
  • Gobochi Yuzusco – similar to a potato chip but, is covered in vinegar and hot sauce
  • Koikeya Minit’s Stick Potato: Honey Butter – Potato sticks flavored with honey butter
  • Kuromame Black Bean Tea – caffeine free. Simply place the soybeans in a hot cup of water
  • Alfort Mini Chocolate Premium: Rich Strawberry – a combination of strawberry, chocolate, and butter biscuit

April 2019 Hanami Festival Subscription Box included:

subscription box

The snack that kept me coming back in this delicious and lovely pink box is the Ebi Crunch in Black Pepper . This snack is a perfect balance of rice cracker and peanuts that packs a spicy, black pepper punch. It reminded me of my go-to potato chip; the Kettle Cooked salt and pepper chip.

  • Handmade Sakura Candy  – Sweet with notes of cherry blossom. Melts quickly on the tongue
  • Sakura Chinsuko – Shaped and flavored to be just like a Japanese Cherry Blossom
  • Kakinotane Plum Shiso – a crispy snack that has beautiful plum flavors
  • Chocolate Crepe – delicate balance of wafers, chocolate, and Sakura flowers
  • Sakura Mochi – a sweet rice cake flavored like the Sakura Flowers
  • Sakura Karinto – a crunchy snack with light hints of Cherry Blossom
  • Koikeya Minit’s Stick Potato: Suppa Mucho Plum – has hints of plum, flower, and lightly salted
  • Cheese Okaki: Plum Flavor – tart and salty, made with floral notes exclusively for sping
  • Spring Sakura Senbei – salty, floral, and tangy with a squid base
  • Spring Gold Green Tea – a classic to warm from the inside out

Most noteworthy, all boxes have a pamphlet included to let you know exactly what region each snack originated from. Should you find a snack that you just have to have more of, they have a Market where you can source each individual item from Japan and enjoy deliveries at home.

snack subscription

Bokksu can be gifted and requires no repeat charges. You can share the love and warmth of Japan with your friends and family.

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