Are You Bringing Your Whole Self To Work?

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Spring is around the corner and before you know it, summer. Summer is the time when many people will grab a book and spend time reading at the beach, by the pool, or while sitting in the sun in their backyard. The first business culture book I’m reading is “Bring Your Whole Self to Work,†by Mike Robbins. I thought this would be a great time to do a book review!

The Importance Of Bringing Your Whole Self To Work

Robbins is a motivational speaker and business consultant who spends his time focusing specifically on professional and organizational development. This particle book focuses on important elements of his work: authenticity, vulnerability, appreciation, taking risks and building strong relationships and teams.

If you’re looking to succeed professionally, it’s important to bring your whole self to the work you’re doing. This is something that I can honestly say that I’m struggling with in my career. I haven’t finished the book just yet, but I’ve learned so much about business culture. Even though the information seems pretty simple and straightforward, it also feels like it’s difficult to accomplish at the same time. Robbins goes into great detail about bringing your whole self to work and how each topic relates to his previous work experience.

Some of his examples hit close to home because they’ve been things that I’ve done for a long time now. For example, the book starts off with a story about when people are in meetings they’re actually pretending. His example was saying you’re nervous, but in reality, you really are. His other example, which is something I relate to all too well, not knowing or understanding what’s being talked about because you don’t want people to think you’re dumb. Yet, you pretend you understand everything. By doing this, you’re not being authentic.

As I read this book, I plan on writing out professional goals for myself. Once I finish reading, I’m hoping that I can start taking positive strides to begin bringing my whole self to work.

Final Thoughts On Bringing Your Whole Self To Work

Now I ask, are you bringing your whole self to work? In this book, Robbins dropping a whole lot of truth bombs. And many professionals, myself included, need to hear it. If you’re really into books about careers and business culture, then I highly recommend checking this book out. It’s fairly short, just over 200 pages, and an easy read. If you’re a fast reader, you can easily finish this book in a weekend.

What are you currently reading? Do you have any recommendations?!

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  1. Our traditional dedication to work originated in the Protestant deontology. There are not so many countries in the world with such values

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