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Honestly, I am rather new to introducing supplements into my daily regimen. I started at the beginning of this crazy year with protein shakes to really help boost my weight loss game. The more I began to do research, the more I realized what I was missing out in regards to adding more wellness into my life. Recently I began expanding past basic protein shakes and started adding more superfoods and collagen in my routine, and it has been by far the best step towards wellness I could have ever made.

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Collagen Supplements

I have heard so many incredible things about how beneficial collagen can be when introduced to your wellness regimen. Yet I had no idea how good I would feel inside and out after just three weeks of daily use.

When I got my hands on Zhou MCT Collagen, I could not wait to dig in and really get a feel of how collagen can boost my wellness. It has definitely been an eye opener and I have no plans of going back to my old ways.

I am rather simple when it comes to my morning routine, so a yummy tasting vanilla protein shake is usually my go-to when starting my day. I added a scoop of Zhou MCT Collagen to my morning protein shake and the first thing I noticed is that it really amped up the delicious vanilla flavor.

Start Your Day With MCT Collagen

  • Provides Energy.
  • Supports Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails.
  • Immune & Joint Support.
  • Mental Performance.

I was so surprised at the boost of energy Zhou MCT Collagen provided! I felt focused on my daily home and work tasks without feeling bogged down or tired. Zhou MCT Collagen gave me that extra support to help me be more productive and accomplished than I usually am in one day. To top it off, my hair and skin have been looking more radiant!

Aside from the mental clarity and energy it provided the added Ceylon Cinnamon supports your immune system and joints to make sure you can get through that long day. If you are a coffee lover this would be perfect to add to your daily cup to start your day right.

If you are needing extra support before, during or even after an intense workout or a laborious day Zhou Collagen Active is a yummy supplement to add to your wellness regimen. Zhou Collagen Active is very sweet which goes fantastic with berry flavored protein shakes or smoothies. My husband was a huge fan of the Zhou Collagen Active. This was the first thing he gravitated towards after a long hard day at work.

Fast Facts About Collagen Active

  • 45 calories per serving.
  • Contains BCAA’s to support endurance and recovery.
  • Hair, skin & nail support.
  • Joint support.
  • Helps with muscle tone.

After 3 weeks of daily use after work, the first thing my husband noticed was that after a long 10-12 hour day, he still felt good! He has been feeling more focused at work and was able to push through hard days with ease with each passing day. Zhou Collagen Active really helped support his mind & body to perform at his peak each day.

Superfood Supplements

I did not realize what an incredible boost superfood supplements could give you, so needless to say I am very late to the superfood supplement party! Zhou Beet Complete has a very sweet cherry taste and would go great in a ice cold fruity smoothie. It definitely gave me a ton of energy and I was able to get through PiYo without feeling as if I need to give up.

Beet Complete

  • Vegan-No Chemicals-Caffeine Free
  • Pre-Workout
  • Endurance
  • Recovery
  • Energy Booster
  • Nitric Oxlde (from the beets)
  • Supports Healthy Heart

I love that Zhou Beet Complete supports your heart by naturally regulating a healthy blood pressure. Heart disease is common in my family, so this is a great added protection during my weight loss journey. The Nitric Oxlde from the superfood beets even helps your heart with delivering oxygen throughout your body to promote stamina. That means less stress on your heart! Zhou Beet Complete has definitely been a beneficial boost to continue with a solid exercise regime.

What are some your favorite ways to boost your day?

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