Add Simplicity And Comfort

Add Simplicity And Comfort

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Starting over is hard, especially as a newly single mom. I am learning to navigate through life without having someone else to rely on. Since my son and I have a new home, we had to leave most of our stuff behind and start fresh.

The pillows we were sleeping on are uncomfortable and sometimes too hard on my ears. They are double sided with memory foam on one side. No matter what, I would easily wake up with a stiff or sore neck, aching ears or just not feeling very rested. After only a few weeks of us using the pillows, they are already out of shape and I find my head and neck resting in awkward positions.

Before we moved, I used to steam my clothes for several reasons. It saved on me having to iron my clothes and also helped clean and sanitize my clothes between washing. With my denim clothes, I preferred steaming my clothes as often as possible to avoid washing them and risk fading.

Now that we’re all moved and settled in, I was looking to add simplicity and comfort to my life!

JOY Warm & Cool Universal Bed Pillows

Since the pillows we were sleeping on were not working for me, I knew I needed to try better quality pillows. I knew immediately I wanted to try the JOY Warm & Cool Universal Bed Pillows! I like the double sided feature because there are times when I wanted firm support, other nights, I want a softer pillow.

The JOY Warm & Cool Universal Bed Pillows are generous in softness and support. They may be standard size pillows, however, I find them to be extra comfortable and great with customized support. I haven’t found a favorite side but I like that I can turn the pillow over or just adjust whenever I need!

Supreme Steam My Little Steamer & Go Mini Set

When I saw the Supreme Steam My Little Steamer & Go Mini Set, I knew I could use them. I love the idea of having two hand-held steamers. I could use one while traveling or both at home! Either way, the steamers both do a great job.

The steamers can also be used to steam the curtains, pillows, linens, mirrors, steam clean the bathroom and anything else around the home!

Supreme Steam My Little Steamer & Go Mini Set collage

I find myself using the Supreme Steam My Little Steamer & Go Mini Set a few times a week. I steam my clothes in between washing! I also steam my son’s clothes to keep them sanitized since he likes to wear the same styles over and over. It only takes a few minutes of my day to steam our clothes and it saves me so much time and hassles in the long run.

I also like to steam our JOY Warm & Cool Universal Bed Pillows when I steam my clothes. I also steam our bed linens and mattresses. It helps keep everything clean and sanitized.

As you can see, both products are fun and easy to use.  It’s easy to add simplicity and comfort!

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As a busy mom, I am so thrilled to add simplicity and comfort to my daily life!

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  1. I started using a steamer more than a month ago and it’s really comfortable! Much more better and easier than ironing

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