Add Light Botanical Scent To Your Life

Add Light Botanical Scent To Your Life

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Mirum, but opinions expressed are my own.

Now that I’m a single mom, I am enjoying life! Yes, my life has changed and parenting is a bit harder and stressful but I am looking at the positive side of things. I love trying new products, especially with fun scents. I am also in search of travel-friendly and compact beauty products I can take with me when I am out and about!

Being back in California, I am very excited to be back at home and enjoying the weather. Lately, our weather has been sunny and warm and then overcast and raining. Mother nature can’t seem to make up her mind. Regardless, I am enjoying the weather and adapting to my new California lifestyle and being single for the first time in years.

Caress makes it easy to add light botanical scent to your life!

I recently started dating or at least exploring being single. When I was married, I never really paid attention to scented body sprays and lotions. However, when I heard about the NEW Caress Botanicals Body Sprays from Walgreens, I knew I had to give them a try!

If you’re looking for lightweight and fun scents to try, consider the affordable Caress Botanicals Body Sprays!

Caress Pink Peony Botanical Body Spray

Meet the Caress Botanical Body Sprays:

These light and beautiful scents offer an “out of the shower fresh” feeling at any time of day!

Caress Pink Peony Botanical Body Spray contains white orchid, pink peony, and tonka beans!  I love the scent of orchids!

Caress Sweet Violet Botanical Body Spray contains tangerine, sweet violet, and musk!  My favorite is the tangerine!

Caress Mediterranean Lotus Botanical Body Spray includes bergamot, Mediterranean lotus, amber.  

Which scents do you want to try? My two favorite scents are Sweet Violet and Mediterranean Lotus body sprays. I like to mix both during the day for a fresh clean scent. However, I cannot forget Pink Peony! This scent is perfect for a quick refresh! Any of the 3 scents are so pretty and light-as-air!

Are you looking to add light botanical scent to your life? Caress Botanical Body Sprays make it so much fun!

Caress Botanicals Body Sprays

The NEW Caress Botanicals Body Sprays are so much fun to use and enjoy! The containers are the perfect size to keep in your handbag if you are on-the-go! Keeping a body spray in your handbag would not add additional weight either!

Revamp your vanities with Caress Botanicals Body Sprays! Not only are the containers beautifully designed but they are so pretty to look at! How can you resist using a quick spray here and there throughout the day?!

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Add light botanical scent to your life! Caress Botanical Body Sprays can be found at Walgreens at affordable prices!

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