Achieve exceptional makeup application with the right tools

Achieve exceptional makeup application with the right tools

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We all love dressing like our favorite celebrities and trying the same products they use. For example, when I read that Kim Kardashian loved a certain blush color, I went out and bought the same one! I still use it to this day. Have you ever done that?

Here is another chance to try a product that celebrities love, including Kim Kardashian, Ashley Tisdale and Sofia Vergara!

Meet the game changing makeup tools that are just adorable!

I admit, when I first saw them, I was not impressed. I just didn’t understand what all the hype was about. I watched a few youtube videos of people talking about the products but then I saw Artis Elite Mirror Collection were featured on QVC, be sure to watch the videos!

Artis Elite Mirror 3-Brush Set beautybrite

I received the Artis Elite Mirror 3-Brush Set that includes:
Oval 4 for the eye area
Linear 1 for lining and filling in brows
Circle 1 for lip color and concealers.

I have been searching for an eye shadow brush that works for my eye shape and size. I love my little Artis Elite Mirror 3-Brush Set! I use each brush for each application need. I love the feel of the brushes in my hands and on my skin. The brushes are super soft on my skin and it is so easy to get the look I want.

Artis Elite Mirror 3-Brush Set display beautybrite

I use Oval 4 for my eye shadow to apply color all over my eye lids. I love how soft the brush is. The color goes on so easy and blends perfectly.

I use Linear 1 for lining my upper lashes with powder liner and filling in my brows. It is soft to use around my eyes so it feels very gentle when applying makeup. No need to pull and irritate the skin around my eyes.

I use Circle 1 for applying concealer and apply eye shadow in the corners of my eyes to complete my look. There are times when I need targeted color around my eyes and the Circle 1 brush is the perfect size to use around my eyes.

Artis Elite Mirror 3-Brush Set selfie

I adore my Artis Elite Mirror 3-Brush Set! I would love to try the entire collection! The brushes are unique and take a bit getting used to. Every other makeup brush tends to be straight and shaped to where you have to adjust to the brush. With the Artis Elite Collection, it is the complete opposite. They are made to make makeup application simple for the user. The brushes are high quality, animal-free which means no animal hairs or by-products are ever used and perfect for sensitive skin.

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