A Truly Clean Beauty Line with Young Girls in Mind

A Truly Clean Beauty Line with  Young Girls in Mind
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If your daughters are anything like mine, bath bombs have become a hit. Every time we walk passed the bath bombs at our local grocery stores, I know my girls are going to ask to buy one. And as a parent, I really want to tell the YES because this is something new and exciting for them. They have seen reviews on youtube that are partially to blame for this excitement. But I also know that not all bath bombs are made equally. At the ages of 3 and 5, I wanted peace of mind when I put them in the bathtub with a bath bomb included. I finally found a company that creates truly clean and cruelty-free beauty products with young girls in mind.



Girlpalooza is a company that was started by Becky V. Becky created Girlpalooza after her own daughter started showing interest in beauty products. As a mother, she was disappointed to see how little products there were on the market aimed at young girls that were also inspiring but “clean” in the aspect of how they are formulated. This lead to the creation of Girlpalooza – a 100% vegan and cruelty-free, clean beauty line aimed specifically at young girls.

Girlpalooza Waffle Bomb

Girlpalooza offers fun scented lipgloss, bath bombs, shampoo/body washes, body lotions, and whipped body butters. The scents range from Cherry Bomb Boss, Lemon Drop Leader, Mint Maven, Pineapple President, and Scent Free Superstar. There’s a fun scent for any age! We really enjoyed the Cherry Bomb Boss scent. It reminds me of Fruit Loops honestly, which is such a fun scent for young girls.

Photo Credit: Girlpalooza

My daughters also suffer from eczema and we did not find any flare-ups when using Girlpalooza products. That is a huge bonus to finding a great company that uses quality products.

Which scents will you be trying from Girlpalooza?

What are your favorite clean beauty products for girls?

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