A Haunting Read to Celebrate Halloween

A Haunting Read to Celebrate Halloween
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A 33,000 word haunted house / gothic horror novella



Elle can’t believe her luck; she’s spending a month house-sitting the beautiful Gillespie property. Hidden near the edge of the woods and an hour’s drive from the nearest town, its dark rooms and rich furniture entice her to explore its secrets. There’s even a graveyard hidden behind the house, filled with tombstones that bear an identical year of death.

If only the scratching in the walls would be quiet…

The house’s dark and deadly history quickly becomes tangled with Elle’s life. At the centre of it is Jonathan Gillespie, the tyrannical cult leader and original owner of the house. As Elle soon learns – just because he’s dead, doesn’t mean he’s gone.



I read … a lot, and I’m always interested in reading books from authors I’ve not heard of before. I do have a short list of favorites, those who I will commit to reading anything they publish regardless of plot because I just love their writing style and their approach to writing. I am always happy to find new authors to add to that list.

Darcy Coates’ writing style and unique storytelling in The Haunting of Gillespie House drew me in immediately. The crafting and slow reveal of the plot kept me interested until the end.

Also impressive is the additional short story, Crawlspace, at the end of the novel. Crawlspace inspired The Haunting of Gillespie House and I loved it. I found myself sort of doing the math (for lack of a better term) regarding how the Gillespie House novella evolved from the original short story and I couldn’t help being in awe of the process, commitment and time that it must have required to have done that. Major kudos to Darcy Coates for that.

I would actually be very interested in what it would look like if she were to expand the novella into a full-blown novel, or even a series of novels. I think that would be such an awesome endeavor to expand and explore the back story of the house and its’ original inhabitants, perhaps some historical references as regards the social/political/religious aspects of society that the story is set in, and more about the cold, aloof, Mrs. Gillespie who is always irritated when Elle calls with questions about this home she’s watching for them. I just couldn’t help, though I loved it, there were so many little areas of the book which I feel might have potential to branch out and add substance and nuance to the story. Seflishly, I just kept feeling that I wanted more and more. I hope Ms. Coates will take that as the compliment that I intend because she has written a wonderful short story and a fantastic novella and I just want more of it. Period. I haven’t loved a novel by an author unknown to me so much in so long.

Fortunately, though more Gillespie isn’t available for me to sink my teeth into, Ms. Coates has plenty of other titles available on Amazon for me to explore and enjoy.

Don’t take my word for it, check out other reader reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.


A Haunting Read to Celebrate HalloweenDarcy Coates has had a long-standing love of horror, both reading and writing it. She is particularly fond of hauntings, monsters, and things without names. She came first place in the Hpathy Short Story Competition (2013) for The Passing Hour, and first place in the Wyong Short Story Competition (2013, Adult Division), for The Mallory Haunting.


You can find more information about Darcy Coates at her website.
Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this ebook for purposes of review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.


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