A Cleaner Home Without Chemicals

A Cleaner Home Without ChemicalsBeauty Brite Disclosure

I have always had a love/hate relationship with cleaning. I dislike cleaning but then again, there are times when I like cleaning. I like to keep our home sanitized and clean. I am all for a cleaner home! So I am always on the lookout for cleaning products to try! I was never into using harsh products with chemicals and fragrance. I am more concerned with clean and sanitized surfaces. I don’t need our home to smell like chemicals or fake fragrances to feel clean.

Are you in search of an easy solution for a cleaner home?

It was love at first sight with the nugeni STEAMPAC+ as I knew right away that I could use it all over our home. I am obsessed with cleaning and using the nugeni STEAMPAC+ makes it so much easier. Not only that, the nugeni STEAMPAC+ is eco-friendly!

The nugeni STEAMPAC+ uses the power of steam to clean, deodorize, and sanitize the home. I prefer to use natural and green friendly cleaning products because it is safer for my family. Chemicals irritate my breathing and lungs and I feel myself getting headaches. I also don’t want to risk triggering my dizziness and vertigo.

Nugeni STEAMPAC+ attachments

As you can see there are many attachments and parts. Do not let this intimidate you. You have a nice variety of attachments to use, which means the nugeni STEAMPAC+ is perfect to use all over your home.

You can achieve a cleaner home with steam!

With the nugeni STEAMPAC+, all you need to add is regular tap water to start cleaning! You can eliminate 99.9% of germs, bacteria, mold, mildew, and even bed bugs. Once you add tap water, press the button and wait a few minutes for it to turn green. You have full control of the steam. If you want a continuous flow of steam, you just have to hold down two buttons (the big button on top and the trigger button on the handle) for a few moments until it turns blue.

Cleaning the mattress

The first time I used the nugeni STEAMPAC+, I used it to clean my son’s mattress. I also used it to clean our windows, shades, and all hard surfaces around our home, including doorknobs. I also used it as a duster to clean and remove dust from surfaces.

Not only did I have a cleaner home, but everything was so easy to clean!

Nugeni STEAMPAC+ shoulder strap

The next day, I wanted to use the nugeni STEAMPAC+ again! I used it to clean our mattress too! I also used it to clean the hard floors and carpet. The nugeni STEAMPAC+ is very lightweight (less than 5 lbs.) and comes with a shoulder strap. I can use the product for up to 39 minutes on continuous steam but it is so easy and makes cleaning so efficient.

Nugeni STEAMPAC+ storage bag

I am excited about the fact that I can use the nugeni STEAMPAC+ to steam my clothes. I know that I tend to wear my clothes once and throw them in the wash. I would love to try steaming my clothes in between wearing them instead. This will not only clean but sanitize my clothes! Less washing and less energy use!

My son and I are moving in with my parents very soon. I am looking forward to using this with my parents. They are more open to using natural products. My mom is also sensitive to perfumes and fragrances, so I am looking to eliminate the use of products with scent (including beauty).

Discover a cleaner home with just one product!  This is a must-have product for any household!

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How would you use the nugeni to natural clean around your home?  Are you open to trying eco-friendly products around your family?

You can buy the nugeni STEAMPAC+ at Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

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  1. My husband could use the steamer for his work clothes.

  2. Kelly Kimmell says

    I love the idea of not cleaning with chemicals. I have a steam mop and I love it.

  3. This looks great to keep things clean for those with allergies!

  4. This would be so nice to own. Thank you for sharing.

  5. slick looking unit, looks effective

  6. gloria patterson says

    i have never used a steamer to clean with and it might be interesting.

  7. tat2gurlzrock says

    I would love to have one of these. I think it is great you can use this so many ways!

  8. I also have this cool rubber rake thing for getting pet fur off of the rug.

  9. I have a shark steam mop but it’s nothing like this. I really want a nugeni STEAMPAC. It would really come in handy. I would love to use it in every room.

  10. Tracy Robertson says

    I love the idea of steam cleaning the mattress!

  11. Never seen a steam cleaner designed like this with the circular look; I use a steam mop for my floors and add a bit of essential oil. I like how this works with all the attachments!

  12. Steam cleaning is the best!! Especially in the bathroom! I’ve never thought of steam cleaning my mattress though, what a fantastic idea!

  13. Susan Smith says

    I love that you can clean without using chemicals.

  14. I would enjoy using the steam system featured here. I thought it looked excellent, and your review is great.

  15. This sounds like it can be used on so many different surfaces and to clean so many items and surfaces that it’s the product you shouldn’t be without. Steam can clean so effectively and like you said, without harsh chemicals.

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