5 #TravelTipZzz for Healthy Travel

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5 #TravelTipZzz for Healthy Travel

When my family and I travel, we drive to our destination. We have to drive due to our son having Autism and special needs. We never know if he will have a tantrum as he is set in his routine. Plus, he loves being in the car.

As parents, my husband and I always consider our son’s needs first. When we travel, we have to travel based on our son’s schedule. We always plan for extra stops for the bathroom, snacks or to stretch.

As a mom, I always make sure we have the things we need for our trip. I plan for our health, food/snacks, clothing and everything else. My husband plans our route, hotel, etc. We both have our responsibilities and thankfully they come naturally to us.

Here are my 5 Tips for Healthy Travel:

Plan and Pack ahead
I am the type to plan and pack ahead. I make lists. I make lists for the things I need to pack and any arrangements I need to make. I normally take care of the packing for our son, myself and most of my husband’s things. My husband usually makes the transportation and hotel reservations but we do discuss what hotel to stay at. As for packing, start a week before you leave. Do a little packing each day.

Pack the essentials

Pack the essentials
Whether it is your child’s favorite toys, food, games or movies – you want to be prepared for boredom. In our situation, we have to be ready for the possibility of car sickness or tantrums. Either way, we try to be prepared. It may sound unconventional, but I pack paper towels and natural spray cleaner. I brought it the last time we went to Florida and it came in handy because our son got sick.

I also pack my favorite multipurpose beauty and makeup items to help cut down on the amount of makeup and products I bring.

For us parents, when we plan to go on vacation, we are usually restless the night before we leave. We end up leaving early and drive until we’re too tired. Then, we sleep soundly and wake up ready for more driving. This time around, I am so thrilled we have ZzzQuil on hand to help us when we have trouble falling asleep. It’s a non-habit-forming sleep-aid for the release of occasional sleeplessness. It helps me fall asleep easily, sleep soundly and wake refreshed.

Even when we are away from home, there are nights when we have trouble falling asleep from being in a new environment. I pack ZzzQuil to ensure that a change in environment does not interrupt my sleep cycle.

Extras and Layers
Check the weather forecast. Be sure to bring layers of clothing. I always pack a light sweater just in case. As for beauty, I always pack sunscreen for the extra layer of protection from the sun.

As a mom, I have learned to pack an extra pair of socks, shoes or clothes. You never know if we will need that extra set of clothing to change while on the road.

Exercise and Hydrate

Exercise and Hydrate
You may be on vacation, but it is also important to get moving and stay active! Talk a walk or use the hotel gym. For me, I prefer to walk with our son, to give him a chance to get fresh air or a walk as a family. It gets us out and we get to explore our surroundings.

Always drink plenty of water while on the road and during vacation.

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  1. I always bring my workout gear when I travel too!

  2. Thanks for the tips!

  3. I ALWAY travel with my ZzzQuil. Great tips.

  4. Hi Stephanie! Great tips for any parent.

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