5 Changes That Make A Big Difference

I am always looking for ways to make my life easier and less chaotic. In our crazy world of the novel Coronavirus, we all need a change! We found 5 changes that make a big difference!

5 Changes That Make A Big Difference
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How are you holding up with quarantine? I’ve been doing my best to keep up with my fitness. I’ve had to make changes and I choose to workout at home, instead of going for my walks at the park. 

Go Anywhere Towel 

We found towels that are perfect to use at home or on-the-go! Whether you want to do yoga, head to the beach, or pool, the Nomadix Towels are perfect! 

I chose the California Flag and Heat Wave Winter Splash for my son and myself. The towels are lightweight and dry quickly! 

California Flag towel

I have so much pride for my home state of California. I am so excited to be back in California. We moved back about 3 years ago! I love my California Flag towel! 

Heat Wave Winter Splash towel

I also wanted to have a towel just for my son as well. I chose the Heat Wave Winter Splash towel. I just love the colors and design! 

Get Cozy 

I love comfy clothing. I was so excited to try three items from Woodley + Lowe, despite being out of their target age group! I chose the Comfy Crush Hoodie in Mint, Soft Stretch Logo Tee, and Dream Jogger in Dove Grey. I love their size chart as it is very generous! 

Comfy Crush Hoodie in Mint

Let’s start with the Comfy Crush Hoodie! I love the color! I chose Mint because I wanted something different from my usual colors! Plus, I love Mint Chocolate Ice Cream! It is a beautiful light green color! 

The Comfy Crush Hoodie is seriously the softest hoodie I’ve ever had! This one is definitely a keeper. I love wearing this all weekend to lounge around the house. 

Soft Stretch Logo Tee

While I love the Soft Stretch Logo Tee, I am not a fan! But, keep in mind, Woodley + Lowe is geared towards teens. The length of the tee doesn’t work for moms! The tee is shorter than what I would normally wear for a tee. 

The Soft Stretch Logo Tee is cute and stylish and I’ll still wear it, but I wish there was a longer and roomier version to choose from! I would definitely choose that version! When I wear the Soft Stretch Logo Tee, I feel like I can’t reach over my head as the tee will ride up my belly! Thankfully, I wear it at home, so it’s not a big deal! 

Dream Jogger in Dove Grey

I chose the Dream Jogger in Dove Grey because I thought it would look perfect with my Comfy Crush Hoodie in mint and it certainly does. The joggers are just as soft as the hoodie! Both are perfect to wear on the weekend to relax or any day! 

Hands-Free Style

When I run errands, I like to keep my phone in my pocket or purse. However, with Keebos, you can be hands-free and keep your phone right there! While I love my previous Keebos, they eventually start to unravel and become uncomfortable. The lanyard always moves around. 

Crossbody Phone Case in Royal with Onyx Chain

This time around, I chose the Crossbody Phone Case in Royal with Onyx Chain.

Crossbody Phone Case in Royal with Onyx Chain upclose

As you will see with the Crossbody Phone Case in Royal with Onyx Chain, each side clips on, so the lanyard won’t twist and move around. I love the onyx chain too, it’s heavy duty!

Save Money & Mess

Save money with the SoapStandle! When we moved into our home, one of the things I had to get was those plastic soap trays. I didn’t want our soap to get soggy and sit in water using a soap dish!

SoapStandle bundle

Enter the SoapStandle! I am so thrilled to receive a nice variety of them! I use them the same way as the plastic soap trays! In other words, I don’t attach my soap with the SoapStandle, instead, I just lightly sit our soaps on the SoapStandle

After using the soap, the SoapStandle allows the bar to air dry after each use! No more soggy and mushy soap! 

Since I had an extra SoapStandle, I have one in the kitchen to hold the sponge! 

Feel Fab

Add a little change to your routine with new colors! Feel fabulous with beautiful eye palettes from Imayla Beauty! I chose The Individualist and The Urbanite eye palettes to try! My two favorite colors that work with my skin tone are purples and greys, so it was only natural for me to choose both! 

The Individualist eye palette

 The Individualist features purples which is just perfect for me! I have always loved wearing purples! The 9 pan eye palette features complementary colors. There are so many different looks I can create! 

The Urbanite eye palette

The Urbanite features greys. Another favorite color I love wearing. The eye palette features matte, shimmer, and metallics! No matter the look you want, you can customize with both palettes! 

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