3 Simple And Thoughtful Gifts For Just About Anyone

Sometimes the simplest gifts are the most thoughtful. Instead of breaking the bank on a fancy present, look for gifts that provide comfort and can even quiet the mind.

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The Gift of Books

Books make a wonderful gift; especially for someone who loves to read. ‘The Mind Remedy‘ by Ruth Williams is a compilation of 20 beautiful and simple projects. Many of these crafts are very familiar to my own childhood; from the ‘trouble dolls‘, ‘God’s eye‘ and the ‘dream catcher

The author breaks down the importance of creating items with your hands and how heavy the significance can be for someone on a self-healing journey. When exploring ‘The Mind Remedy‘ and deciding on which project to choose, the author breaks them down into four categories: ‘Finding a Connection’, ‘Inner Peace‘, ‘Self Discovery‘ and ‘Finding Your Roots‘.

Each project has a brief description, history and symbolism of the craft. It also discusses how to use your completed project along with the healing benefits. The directions are very clear and concise and the illustrations help complete the project. You don’t need crafting experience to create these pieces, just the will create a benefical piece to carry with you.

Be Kind: A Year of Kindness, One Week At A Time‘ by Melissa Burmester & Jaclyn Lindsey contains 52 weeks of ‘kindness’. It is meant to learn about the different ways of being kind and reflect on yourself and daily actions. Each week starts with a quote or a statement. It then goes into a short story about a situation involving kind acts.

Each week is broken down into 3 sections: ‘Learn‘, ‘Reflect’, and ‘Do’. Once you read the weeks kindness ‘mantra‘, you will be able to carry out your own act of kindness based on the suggestion provided.

Visit Kindness.org for more information.

My favorite and highly inpsirational book by Tea Uglow ‘Loud and Proud: LGBTQ+ Speeches that Empower and Inspire’ tugged at my heart strings. It is a compilation of over 40 trailblazers of the LGBTQ+ community. It is filled with inspirational speeches that inspire, empower and is full of raw emotion.

The mini biographies of each individual’s life is fascinating. When you read each of their speeches, it will give you chills. You are able to learn through their very words about passion, struggle and heartbreak on their journey to find peace and acceptance. It is truly inspiring and a must a have for any book lover.

Teas to Warm the Soul

The gift of tea seems to be the perfect accompaniment to a good book. Steep and Sip Teas has a diverse selection of high quality, DELICIOUS loose teas. These organic teas are lovely; you can actually see the bits of apple, ginger, and herbs which is really exciting if your an avid tea drinker. The muslin bags are reusable and sturdy, so no more tea bag waste; great for the eco-conscious.

The Steep and Sip holiday gift box has a beautiful presentation and makes a wonderful gift. The Maple Chi is a black tea and had notes of cinnamon, ginger and orange. The Berry Bliss had a floral/berry flavor. I loved the pieces of apple in the loose tea mix, and you can taste the hibiscus and the array of berries. My favorite was the Apple Spice! The apple pieces, cinnamon and clove really brought home the winter cozy vibe that I absolutely loved.

Calendars: The Underrated Gift

Calendars are a great gift. They are ideal for organization and make beautiful decor with their vibratant photos. There are many themed calendars that you can find just about anything to fit someone’s personality. Even when the year is up, you can still use the photos as decor by framing them as a piece of artwork.

These particular calendars by Editors by Rockpoint had me in stitches!! With the large print and vibrant photos, it’s no wonder my 3 kids went wild when they saw them. My daughter chose the ‘Adorable Hedgehogs’, she actually ‘eeeeped‘ in joy when saw it. She has plans to frame her favorite images and hang them as wall decor in her room when she is done using it.

Flying Legends Calendar

The Flying Legends immediately caught my youngest son’s eye. This calendar is much larger than what you typically find. The photos are absolutely stunning and can make anyone wisp away in day dream. Each photo has fascinating stats about the ‘warbirds‘ that make it even more interesting.

My middle son instantly gravitated to the Mathematics calendar. He has a passion for numbers, so this suited him perfectly. The photos are vibrant & colorful and each day there is a math equation. The solution to the math problem is the date, but the trick is to figure out how to solve it!

My personal favorite, and the one I chose for my tiny office, is Llama Nation. It is quirky and fun and I just loved the photos. I have already chosen a few photos that I want to use for future craft projects once I am done using this adorable calendar.

Which was your favorite gift idea?

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