3 Reasons Maps Make Beautiful Art

Do you love art? Have you considered decorating with a map? I sure didn’t! I am so excited to share 3 reasons maps make beautiful art!

3 Reasons Maps Make Beautiful Art
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When my son and I moved into our very own home, I immediately felt happy, relieved, safe, and comfortable even though we didn’t have any furniture! I have always wanted a place to set roots down and create a home of our own. 

Since we’ve been here, I am slowly decorating and making everything our own!

Now that I am back in my home state and in the city I grew up in, I wanted to keep my hometown close! I love being a homeowner and decorating our walls with art!

Historic Sacramento CA 1850 - Geo W Casilear Henry Bainbridge

I received 3 beautiful maps of my hometown, Sacramento, California from World Maps Online! Of course, I wanted to get them framed!

I received the following Historical Maps:

Historic Sacramento CA 1850 – Geo W Casilear Henry Bainbridge

Historic Sacramento CA Map 1850 at foot of J. Street showing I., J., & K Sts.

Historic Sacramento CA Map 1890 Early Beginnings

My journey to find frames:

My first instinct was to order frames online, however, the reviews were mixed. I didn’t want to risk buying frames and them breaking or disappointing me with their quality. 

Then I tried custom framing at a well known craft store. They didn’t have any coupons, but they did offer “package deals.” The price would be about $170 without coupons and $150+ with the package deals. By the way, the prices were per frame and that was on the low end! Those prices were much more than I wanted to spend. 

While at the store, I decided I’d just order frames online. I found a site that makes custom frames (Made in the USA) and they would be shipped to my door! 

Frames make a difference

As soon as my frames arrived, I unpacked them and waited until the next day to assemble everything together. After putting my son on the school bus, I rushed home and got to work. I laid out the historical maps and then got the frames ready. One by one, I carefully placed each map into each frame! 

Historic Sacramento CA Map 1850 at foot of J Street showing I J K Sts

As you can see, the posters look perfect in their frames. I had the craft store salesperson write down the dimensions of the posters so I could order the right size frames!

Historic Sacramento CA Map 1890 Early Beginnings

I chose the historical Sacramento maps since it is my hometown. I spent many years living out of state but I am so happy to be back in California and in the very same city I grew up in. The maps are beautiful and look amazing in frames! 

3 Reasons Maps Make Beautiful Art

Keep your hometown or favorite place close to home.

Whether you have a favorite destination, cherish a specific place, or want to keep your hometown near, you can decorate with a beautiful map!

Keep on learning

When you hang a map in your home, you continue to learn about the special place.

Conversation piece

Having a map in your home is a great conversation starter! Your guests are sure to ask about it! 

Overall, I’ve never spent so much on items I have received to review! However, it was worth the expense! Now I have 3 beautiful maps!

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