3 Must Haves For Teen Boys

Being a single mom is tough. Being a single mom to a child with Autism and special needs is even more tough. Now, imagine being a single mom to a teen boy! 

I have no help with childcare, raising my son, or anything. His father chooses not to be involved. 

So, going through raising a teen boy is tough. I have no one to turn to when it comes to advice or how to handle issues that arise. We share  3 must haves for teen boys! 

3 Must Haves For Teen Boys
Beauty Brite Disclosure

Raising a teen boy on my own is a learning experience. Not only does my son not have a male role model, or male influence, it’s tough on me too. I never know what type of clothing and underclothing to buy for him. His body is changing too. 

I recently noticed he smells. He bathes every single day. He uses natural deodorant too. So, what’s going on? 

Make him a king

We were sent Play Pits in King and Queen. I wanted my son to try King, since it seems he needs something strong smelling! I feel confident with my son and I using Play Pits deodorant! I love the Queen scent, it’s just so much fun putting it on and smelling it here and there. 

Play Pits King

I also feel confident that my son smells great using Play Pits in King! He just uses one swipe under each arm and he’s good to go for the rest of the day! 

Clear his skin

My son started breaking out with acne. We wash his face with a cleanser and even use serum and moisturizer! However, those were not helping to clear his skin. I didn’t want to go to a doctor because I would prefer not to use medication with my son. Also, I didn’t want to try just any acne products from the store. 

That’s when I was introduced to Stryke Club! After reading about their products and directions on how to use them, ultimately, I chose Face First and Everywhere Wash. My son has acne on his face and upper back and a little on his upper chest! 

Stryke Club Face First

The Face First is concentrated so I only use a very small dab on my son’s face. We apply to wet skin, we both count to 10, and then we rinse! The next day, I could tell a difference. The acne looked less red and irritated. With each passing day, I can tell his breakouts and clearing up!

Stryke Club Everywhere Wash

The Everywhere Wash is just as simple to use. We use this in his bath. I only need one pump and we apply to his face, upper back and upper chest!  We count to 10 and then rinse! 

All in all, he is using both products once a day and his skin is clearing up! Keep in mind, this is not an overnight solution. His skin is looking better and that’s all I’m happy about! 

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