2 Ways To Be Eco-Conscious Day And Night

As a single mom, homeowner, and college student I have my hands full trying to juggle everything. We live on a fixed income. It doesn’t help that 2 of our bills went up between $10-20 this year! Regardless, we care about the Earth and going natural! We found 2 ways to be eco-conscious day and night. 

2 Ways To Be Eco-Conscious Day And Night
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Right now, I feel really strapped since I had two extra bills pop up that took a huge chunk out. All of my bills seem to come out of my account at the same time too! It doesn’t help that I don’t have financial help from my son’s dad. 

I’ve always loved using natural cleaning and beauty products or making my own cleaning products. Eco-friendly is the way to go for us! We even use reusable grocery bags when grocery shopping! I also carry a tote bag when I am out run errands errands and shopping! 

I am so excited for my son and I to have brand new jackets (we both didn’t have one)! Even though we live in California, it still gets cold in the winter

I chose the Women’s FreeCycle Cire Midweight Jacket in Cast Iron (purple) for myself. For my son, I chose the Boys’ Versatile Reversible Jacket in Navy, but I received it in Slate. Both jackets are from Free Country

You will notice right away that both jackets are well made, quality products!

Women's FreeCycle Cire Midweight Jacket in Cast Iron

I love my new jacket from Free Country! The Women’s FreeCycle Cire Midweight Jacket in Cast Iron (purple) is lightweight. The shoulders are a little too square for my shoulders, other than that, the jacket is true to size. 

The jacket is also made from recycled plastic bottles. This was a huge benefit to me! 

Boys Versatile Reversible Jacket in Navy

I love the idea of having a reversible jacket for my son. The Boys’ Versatile Reversible Jacket is thick but lightweight. 

Wearing Boys Versatile Reversible Jacket

He doesn’t look or feel weighed down or restricted by it. I’m impressed. I tend to buy affordable clothing for us and they don’t last as long. The Free Country jacket is high quality, affordable, and perfect. 

Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheets Set in Royal Purple

I am always in need of breathable, soft, and comfortable sheets. 

I’ve been sleeping on bamboo sheets for over a year and they have already started to rip at the seems! They are incredibly soft too! 

After a year, it was time to update my sheets! 

Sheets Giggles sheets knapsack and sleeping mask

When I saw the sheets from Sheets & Giggles, I instantly fell for the Charcoal Grey and the Royal Purple. Either color really caught my eye. When I first opened the box, I was so excited that I received the Royal Purple sheets! However, when I removed them from the Eucalyptus knapsack packaging, I discovered that the sheets were Charcoal Grey

So, I have the Charcoal Grey sheets and the Royal Purple sleeping mask.

Sheets Giggles knapsack and sleeping mask

I love the matching Royal Purple knapsack and sleeping mask! I can use the knapsack to cover and protect my laptop or even my yoga mat! 

I only wish my son slept in his bed (instead of the couch). I would get him his own set of Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheets in Light Blue or Ocean Blue! Both are very pretty and perfect for him! 

So what makes the Eucalyptus Lycocell Sheets so awesome? They are made from Eucalyptus trees that are on sustainably managed farms. The sheets are sustainably made, hypoallergenic, zero static, zero pesticides, naturally softer, and more breathable. 

I love sleeping in luxurious sheets that don’t cost and arm and leg. They are worth the investment for feeling comfortable and knowing they are from an eco-conscious company! 

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Stephanie is a full time single mom to a teen with Autism. She is a homeowner and starting a new chapter! Feel free to contact Stephanie for more information on how she can help your company.


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