2 Quarantine Friendly Tech Solutions

My son has Autism. We used to have a desktop computer that he loved playing on. He would play on Youtube and many of the children’s websites. He would play games, watch cartoon clips, etc. Since we are now a single parent household, I don’t have the space or funds to have a desktop computer in our home. I found a new tech solution for my son with Autism! We share quarantine friendly tech solutions!

2 Quarantine Friendly Tech Solutions
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My son has an Amazon Fire Tablet that he uses from time to time. Amazon has several tablets to choose from. 

However, I also wanted something I would be familiar with and can navigate. I also wanted a smaller device for him to use! That’s when I found the ROKiT iO 3D Phone! At first, it intrigued me and I considered getting him the phone, however, I knew we wouldn’t be using it in the conventional way. My son is non-verbal, however, he loves using Youtube to watch his favorite songs, cartoons, and such. He also loves playing on his favorite kid sites. 

ROKiT iO 3D Phone

The screen on this unlocked smartphone has glasses-free built-in 3D capability. That’s right-you can watch 3D content without glasses. It includes 4G, 16 GB memory, dual-SIM, and a fingerprint sensor. In addition, receive 6 free months of ROKiT Telemedicine, ROKiT Talk, ROKiT iO 3D Phone. With ROKiT Telemedicine, forget waiting rooms! Talk to a doctor using your ROKiT phone about minor ailments and receive up to 80% in pharmacy savings. With ROKiT Talk, make unlimited outbound calls to the US and 60+ countries when connected to WiFi or data. ROKiT iO 3D provides you with the world’s largest 3D library.

ROKFLiX 3D Phone with case

What I love and appreciate about the ROKiT iO 3D Phone is that it includes a carrying case and charging cord. I can quickly and easily plug it into a usb port to start charging. 

In other words, the ROKiT iO 3D Phone is perfect for anyone, including my non-verbal son with special needs. Setting up the phone was super easy. The battery was about half way charged, so I did want to charge it before I gave it to him. The phone really didn’t need any setting up. I connected it to our wi-fi in seconds. The apps he uses are on the home screen. I did add a few widgets on the home screen and that was it! The phone was ready to go for his use! 

At first, he wasn’t interested in using the phone. However, I opened up the Youtube app and turned on one of his favorite shows to start playing. Still, he was not interested. 

I turned off the phone and put it on the counter and left it so he could pick it up when he was ready. All it took was about 15 minutes and he was already playing on the phone! 

My son uses the phone every afternoon after his ABA Therapy. He plays on it for a few hours and then he’s done! He seems to know his own limits. As soon as he’s done, I charge the phone so it’s ready to go and fully charged for the next time! 

I love the ROKiT iO 3D Phone and my son loves it too. I love that it is an Android phone, so I already know how to navigate it. 

Open case ROKFLiX 3D Phone

We are very happy with the phone. I love that my son now has a tech device that he can use for entertainment and learn at the same time. He gets to watch his favorite shows, listen to songs, and more! 

I have one good pair of earbuds that I just adore. There are very specific earbuds that I can wear and that actually stay in my ears. Unfortunately with my clumsy self, I have dropped them so many times. The earbuds still work but one of them doesn’t work as well, the sound is very low! I can deal with the uneven sound but it doesn’t allow a great experience when enjoying my tunes! 

1MORE ColorBuds True Wireless Earbuds in Sakura Pink

I was so excited to try the 1MORE ColorBuds True Wireless Earbuds in Sakura Pink

Even though it is summer and we are stuck at home, I make time for us to go for walks. I’ve learned that I cannot go for a walk with my son and our dog at the same time. They both walk at different paces. Instead, I go for a walk with my son in the morning and then take the dog for a walk in the afternoon! Both walks are quick because they both have different needs. My son just needs to get outside for fresh air and exercise. The dog needs the exercise but she can only go so far. She’s a little dog, so she doesn’t need as much walking. I take her outside every 4 hours or so anyway. 

I also plan on going for a walk on my own. I miss my quiet time during my walks. I usually turn on my music on my earbuds and just enjoy the music, fresh air, and exercise! 

The 1MORE ColorBuds True Wireless Earbuds are cute and stylish. It may take a bit to pair them together and then connect to your Bluetooth, but after that, the sound is perfect!

1MORE does have an app but it is not necessary to use their earbuds and connect to your Bluetooth. I personally don’t like having a ton of apps on my phone. However, I think their app would come in handy if you listen to podcasts and want to keep your spot on where you left off.

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